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Cultural Experts and Conservative Christian Leaders Weigh in on Kavanaugh’s Senate Committee Vote

Several cultural experts and conservative Christian leaders released statements today on the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh:

“While the vote to advance the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh is a positive one for America, it’s hard to cheer a decision that should have taken place prior to the destruction of a man’s life and reputation at the hands of disgraceful Democrats. While our nation takes a step in the right direction with this vote, it does so after permanently tarnishing an honorable man’s good name, traumatizing his children and wounding the principles our judicial system was founded upon.

“As we head toward the midterm election, one thing this fiasco should solidify in the eyes of the objective American public is that the Democrat party has now fully embraced radicalism. They’re a party that believes in ‘guilty until proven innocent’ for all those who refuse to abide by their borderless, lawless and senseless worldview. Stand in their way, and you too will be targeted, regardless of truth, evidence or common decency.”

–New York Times best-selling author and ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel

“I could not agree more with Judge Kavanaugh that these hearings have been turned into a ‘circus’ and a ‘kangaroo court,’ in which the Democrats have tried to turn the long history of Anglo-American juris prudence on its head and assume that the accused are guilty until they prove themselves innocent. This is contrary to everything in our justice system from Magna Carta onward. The fact that U.S. Senators, many of whom are lawyers, would seriously put forward such a proposition is as mystifying as it is depressing.

“For me personally, I believe that something very traumatic happened to Dr. Christine Ford, but I also believe that in the absence of any corroborating witnesses the preponderance of the evidence shows it was not Judge Kavanaugh who was the perpetrator. So I believe, based up on the weight of evidence available that they are both telling the ‘truth’ as they remember it. But in the absence of any corroborating evidence, our legal system gives the strongest benefit of the doubt to Judge Kavanaugh.

“I also believe that when the dust clears, sanity will prevail and Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed as an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. However, this whole process has inflicted deep wounds on our body politic that will take years to heal. Senators being human, I can’t imagine that there aren’t deep rifts in the judiciary committee itself as a consequence of the shameful and flagrant behavior of the committee’s Democrat senators. And even after Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed, it will be much more difficult to convince competent, gifted, solid citizens to be willing to endure this kind of attempted public lynching and defamation of their character in order to serve our nation. That will greatly impact all of us in very negative ways.”

–Evangelical leader and Southern Evangelical President Dr. Richard Land

“Despite the continued games and Democrat strategic efforts to derail the constitutional process to move the legitimate nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh forward to a full Senate vote, I am glad to see their efforts failed in the committee vote,” Rohrer said. “At stake is the very integrity of the nomination and review process, and the larger issue of whether or not truth will prevail and ‘innocent until proven guilty’ will remain as a cornerstone of the U.S. justice system. Also at stake is the protection of this guiding framework or whether we forever cast off the protections against allegations and politically maneuvered strategies designed to destroy people and their families based on unverifiable allegations. While this vote today was important, it now becomes the decision of Senate leadership to wisely move this process forward without delay.”

–Sam Rohrer, American Pastors Network

“I believe God answered prayer and overcame the evil intentions of those Democrats who hurled unsubstantiated accusations at Brett Kavanaugh,” Strang said. “It’s significant that he is a strong Christian who swore he is innocent not only to the civil authorities under oath, but to God. Yet he was humble enough to pray for his accuser. I believe he will be a strong constitutionalist, which is exactly what we need on the Supreme Court.”

–Best-selling author and Charisma Media founder Stephen E. Strang

“AFA is relieved that Judge Kavanaugh has been voted favorably out of committee today, but the fight is not over,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “It is time for the full Senate to confirm Judge Kavanaugh immediately. Brett Kavanaugh is a constitutional judge who will adhere to the original intent of our Founding Fathers. Despite the sleazy tactics used against Judge Kavanaugh, he has weathered the storm. Should Judge Kavanaugh be confirmed by the full Senate, this will have a positive impact for generations to come. Issues important to the American Family Association, such as sanctity of life and religious freedom, are taking on an even greater importance in our culture, and how the Supreme Court rules in these matters will affect every American. We encourage our supporters to contact their senators and urge them to vote ‘yes’ on confirming Judge Kavanaugh.”

–American Family Association President Tim Wildmon