D. L. Moody Center Encourages Christians to Prepare for Christ’s Return

As Americans Celebrate Christmas, D. L. Moody Center Urges Christians to Anticipate the Second Coming of Christ

December 20, 2021

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — The D. L. Moody Center (moodycenter.org), dedicated to encouraging spiritual transformation by preparing God’s people to proclaim the uncomplicated gospel,is looking back to the writings of the great evangelist D. L. Moody.

With Christmas only days away, most people around the world are putting the final touches on their holiday plans and gift wrapping to celebrate holiday traditions. The true meaning of Christmas can get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season.

But just as the world waited in anticipation for the birth of the Savior over 2,000 years ago, Moody encourages believers to wait just as eagerly for the second coming of the Messiah. This message is carried out at the D. L. Moody Center, which works with local churches and ministries to encourage a new spiritual revival.

Moody wrote, “The last prayer in the Bible is, ‘Even so, come Lord Jesus, come quickly.’ Were the early Christians disappointed then? No; no man is disappointed who obeys the voice of God. The world waited for the first coming of the Lord; waited for 4,000 years, and then he came. He was here only thirty-three years and then he went away; but he left us a promise that he would come again; and as the world watched and waited for his first coming and did not watch in vain… Now let the question go round: ‘Am I ready to meet the Lord if he comes tonight?’ [For the Bible states,] ‘Be ye also ready, for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh.’”

“As eagerly as we wait to celebrate the birth of Christ,” stated James Spencer, vice president and COO of D. L. Moody Center, “we should be doubly as eager to wait for his return. We at the D. L. Moody Center encourage Christians to prepare for the coming of the King by focusing on the real reason he came—to offer salvation.”

The D. L. Moody Center is not a school yet believes there is much to be learned by looking at all God accomplished through the life and ministry of D. L. Moody. In telling Moody’s story, D. L. Moody Center seeks to make much of God and to challenge believers today to trust the God who used a humble man from Northfield, MA, to do the work of the Kingdom.

The D. L. Moody Center is honored to sponsor the annual “Go Dark, Shine Bright” ministry campaign in partnership with The Shine Bright Project. The innovative initiative is designed to help Christians let go of the daily distractions of social media and focus on daily devotions in the Word of God.

A destination for spiritual renewal, D. L. Moody Center works with churches across the U.S. to prepare them for the next Great Awakening. The D. L. Moody Center has chosen to serve as a catalyst for this awakening because of their conviction that discipleship happens best within the context of the local church. They strive to be an organization that does not diminish local congregations, but holds up and enhances the work of the local church through encouragement, preparation, and proclamation.

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