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New book from D. L. Moody Center explores the life and legacy of storied pioneer in ministry

February 14, 2022

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. The D. L. Moody Center (moodycenter.org),one of the nation’s top spiritual renewal destinations, recently announced the upcoming launch of the new book, Useful to God: Nine Lessons from the Life of D. L. Moody.” The illustrated, full-color book is published by Kingdom Winds Publishing and is scheduled for release at the end of February.

In the book, Dr. James Spencer, president of D. L. Moody Center, explores the life and legacy of the famous evangelist Dwight L. Moody and identifies nine key characteristics that Moody exemplified. Chapter seven, “Consumed with Passion for the Lost,” explores the motivation behind Moody’s mission to share the gospel with people across the globe.

Indeed, Moody’s evangelical impact cannot be overstated, as Spencer highlights a staggering statistic.

“Stanley Gundry, one scholar who studied the life of Dwight Moody, suggests that most estimates about Moody’s reach are likely too conservative even at 100,000,000 people. According to another Moody scholar named J. Wilbur Chapman, Moody ‘reached more people during his lifetime than any other man, possibly in the world’s history.’ Moody was the greatest evangelist of his day.”

Yet while Moody’s ministry reached millions, he daily focused on a much smaller audience: the individual. Spencer relates an anecdote shared by a contemporary of Moody’s, evangelist R. A. Torrey.

“Torrey writes, ‘Mr. Moody made the resolution, shortly after he, himself, was saved, that he would never let twenty-four hours pass over his head without speaking to at least one person about his soul.’ So Moody did not simply depend on his campaigns to convey the gospel. His passion drove him to engage in a personal, day-to-day ministry as well.”

This personal view of ministry compelled Moody to view proclaiming the gospel as a holistic endeavor— a calling that considered both the spiritual and social health of every individual.

Spencer quotes Moody, ‘“Some people seem to think that all the world needs is a lot of sermons. Why, the people of this land have been almost preached to death. What we want is to preach more sermons with our hands and feet—to carry the Gospel to people by acts of kindness.’”

Spencer continues, “Preach the gospel. Grow in faith. Love your neighbor. These values compelled Moody to share hope with a world in need. And, with the D.L. Moody Center, these values continue today.”

For more information about “Useful to God: Nine Lessons from the Life of D. L. Moody,” click here.

The D.L. Moody Center is an independent non-profit organization located in Northfield, Massachusetts. Dedicated to preserving and advancing the legacy of Dwight Moody, the D. L. Moody Center is a catalyst for spiritual formation in New England and beyond through evangelism and discipleship.

The D. L. Moody Center is a destination for spiritual renewal, yet not a school. Nevertheless, there is much to learn by studying D. L. Moody and what God accomplished through his life which began in New England, at the Northfield, Massachusetts campus, the heart of Moody’s ministry as well as his childhood home.

The D. L. Moody Center is honored to sponsor the annual “Go Dark, Shine Bright” ministry campaign in partnership with The Shine Bright Project. The innovative initiative is designed to help Christians let go of the daily distractions of social media and focus on daily devotions in the Word of God.

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