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Dan Celia for Townhall.com | Socialists Win One in New York City

By Dan Celia for Townhall.com | Image from Townhall

At least one good thing came from Amazon pulling a $2.5 billion plan for new headquarters—it was a good business decision for Amazon. It will likely be in Amazon’s best interest to not have one of its East Coast HQs in areas where employees will be taxed to death, morale will be difficult to keep, and productivity will be at the mercy of the leftist socialist protesters.

Yes, Amazon determining that working within the ideology of the minority in NYC is not in the best interest of productivity, profits and purpose was a very good thing—not to mention its management would have to be prepared to share the wealth. It appears we are seeing a post-Obama administration resurgence in some cities and states—where profits, success and wealth are to be demonized, taxed and regulated. Continue reading…