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Dan Celia for Townhall.com: Unless the Lord Builds the House

By Dan Celia for Townhall.com

This week is probably one of the most important weeks since the founding of our nation. It is a week that can only be described like the week leading up to that summer day in 1787 at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where delegates from 13 colonies came together.

They had all decided it was important now to work out all the specifics, all the details that were going to take this Republic into the future. They were tired, aggravated, many of them coming with their own agendas for their own colonies. The convention was in danger of ending with nothing accomplished. Most of these men were men of God, but the least godly and religious of them all stood up—81-year old statesman Dr. Benjamin Franklin. Franklin understood how critical biblical values and virtues were; he understood that this was the beginning of a Republic that was built on much prayer and much blood. Probably tapping the floor with his walking stick, drawing their attention as he addressed George Washington, the president of the convention, he also addressed his fellow delegates. He was appealing to them through the words written in Psalm 127:1. He wanted to beseech the aid of almighty God before they went any further.

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