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Dan Celia on Town Hall | Mr. President, Thank You for the Economic Surge

(This post originally appeared on townhall.com | Image from townhall.com)

By Dan Celia

Mr. President, Thank You for the Economic Surge

It is very exciting to see a tax bill that will stimulate the economy and move the U.S. out of wage stagnation, as we see growth in corporate investment and the creation of opportunities for all Americans. I believe passage of this bill will also help spur more ingenuity and innovation through technological advancements, returning prosperity to America. Obviously, I believe that tax reform will be a great stimulus for the economy—and even more so when we add an infrastructure bill, build the wall and form the strongest military in the nation’s history.

Yet, there seems to be one part missing from the equation. Without it, I’m afraid all these things either won’t happen or the effects won’t last for an extended period of time. What I’m concerned about is that none of these plans for the future of our economy will work unless they are accompanied by a strong, steadfast reduction in the size of government and budgets across every single department—with the exception of defense. We need to see practical models put forth that will reduce the size of an incredibly bloated government, cut our out-of-control spending and trim the national debt.

Mr. President, when it comes to cutting budgets and the size of our government, there is a great deal of hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle. Obviously, the overwhelming sentiment in the entrenched political establishment is knowing that the more social control they retain, the bigger the government—and the more powerful they become. Please don’t drink the Kool-Aid that the rest of Congress has and buy into the foolish idea that debt doesn’t matter.

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