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Dear Kevin McCarthy: Parents Need More Than a ‘Voice’

By Sheri Few for TOWNHALL

Before House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy moves ahead with the Commitment to America, I hope he spends some time listening to parents first-hand. I think he may see his version, while close, misses the mark.

Taxpayer-funded schools continue to push pornographic materials to even the youngest students, and they seem more energetic than ever to teach anti-American propaganda and Marxist critical theories. Who gave their consent to this? Not the parents I know. Schools are building walls between parents and school children, destroying families with grooming, counseling, and even medicating students in gender transitions, all against the will of their parents.

As members of a national organization standing for parents, United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) greatly anticipated McCarthy’s Commitment to America. We firmly believe our country is suffering under the Democrat Party governance and agree that Republicans must act boldly to regain control and return our county to robust prosperity.

We also agree whole-heartedly with McCarthy’s aim for “A Future That’s Built on Freedom.” Freedom is the essence of our nation. The Commitment begins with a statement about education and parents, a key constituency. School board meetings are seeing parents speak out in greater numbers than ever before. Parents are fed up with the state of public education in our country. Disregard for parental rights and responsibilities for their own children is prevalent.

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