Defending Truth in America

For the past year, the American Pastors Network (APN, radio program has focused on how churches and Christians must be aware of the truth of Islam.

And defending that truth is especially fitting as Memorial Day approaches, says APN President Sam Rohrer, who noted that Islam is more of a threat than many may believe.

A recent program centered on “Mosques in America,” which Rohrer and his expert guests—former FBI agent and founder of (UTT) John Guandolo and UTT’s Chris Gaubatz, who went undercover with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)—said that American mosques can be training centers for radicalization.

We believe that radical Islam is one of the greatest threats to American freedom,” Rohrer said, “and the American Pastors Network urges pastors to become informed and educate their congregations about the dangers of Islam. Sharia Law is incompatible with, and mutually exclusive to, our Constitutional form of government.”

Listen to this timely program here.

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