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Deliverance In More Ways Than One

By Katy Talento for TOWNHALL

Somewhere in East Asia, a man walks into a brothel. It’s a place of human slavery and degradation. This man has his eye on a certain teenager, although his reasons might surprise you as much as they are about to surprise the proprietor and security personnel in this hideous business establishment.

Suddenly fireworks go off somewhere in the building. Is that gunfire? In the pandemonium, the young woman and man sprint away to a safehouse. She has nothing but what she’s wearing, but she will happily begin the arduous journey to recovery and a better life.

How is such a rescue possible? This escape is the result of a near-death tractor accident suffered in Iowa by a Christian farmer, and the Health Care Sharing Ministry that helped put him back together again.

This is how it happened. Every year, a driver somewhere rolls a tractor, and that’s what happened to Brad Hopp. He landed in a ditch, and the tractor landed on top of him. The tractor crushed his pelvis and Hopp required 12 screws to hold the shattered pieces together. The accident caused so much damage the EMTs were surprised he lived to tell the tale.

Hopp had monstrous medical bills to remind him that survival, too, has costs. Financial burdens quickly became a second crisis. Along with those expenses, however, Hopp also had a community to turn to, and it made all the difference. A few years before, Hopp and his family joined a Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry, which negotiated Hopp’s bills of $150,000 to $130,000, and then cost-shared the $130,000. The community’s generosity was remarkable.

To express his deep gratitude to his health sharing community, and to celebrate his deliverance from death, Hopp wanted to help others. So Hopp started an online business to help fund the rescue and deliverance of young women from a life of sex slavery. Hopp’s company, Teshuah Tea, uses funds from sales to rescue girls and women from unimaginable situations and place them in a safe house to slowly reintroduce them back into society. “Teshuah” is the Hebrew word for deliverance.

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