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Dillon Burroughs on Beliefnet | Behind the Scenes of ‘The God Who Speaks’

Behind the Scenes of ‘The God Who Speaks’

By Dillon Burroughs

“The God Who Speaks” is a 90-minute documentary released on Feb. 1, 2018, that traces the evidence of the Bible’s authority through interviews with some of the world’s most respected biblical scholars. This film answers common objections about the Bible’s reliability and equips believers to confidently base their lives on the power of God’s Word.
Director M.D. Perkins offered to share his thoughts on important aspects of this newly-released documentary. This is part one of a two-part exclusive series.

In ‘The God Who Speaks,’ there is the mention of a battle for the truth. What does this mean? What kind of battle exists regarding God today?


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(This post originally appeared on beliefnet.com | Image from beliefnet.com)