Disastrous Decision: At Taxpayer Expense, Library Manager and Lansdale Borough Council Allowed Drag Queen Story Hour at Lansdale Public Library

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Disastrous Decision: At Taxpayer Expense, Library Manager and Lansdale Borough Council Allowed Drag Queen Story Hour at Lansdale Public Library

Eric Torres, AKA ‘Annie Christ,’ Who Dons Satanic Symbols and Performs Lewd Sexually Charged Nightclub Acts, Read to Children Amid Protests from the Community

PHILADELPHIA—Drag Queen “Annie Christ” (see video here) presented his “Drag Queen Story Hour” show to children and their parents at the Lansdale Public Library last Saturday, Feb. 2.

Taxpayers who fund the library urged Lansdale Library Director Tom Meyer and elected borough officials to cancel the Drag Queen Story Hour, but the event went on as planned, to the dismay of many in the community.

“This horrific performance scared some children who had to be held while crying in their mother’s arms,” said Gary Dull, executive director of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network and who also serves as pastor of Faith Baptist Church of Altoona. “It’s very alarming that many parents still stayed to ‘enjoy’ the drag queen’s performance that was targeted toward children.”

Eric Torres, also known as “Annie Christ,” wore 6-inch heels on his black, shiny boots to match his red dress and black belt. His enormous white, deep purple and black wig added at least another 6 inches to his height. This presence, along with dark makeup and satanic symbols within his jewelry and tattoos, was an overwhelming, startling and purposefully hateful act toward Christians and all people of faith.

“The public library is not a place for this sort of offensive theatre, and a story hour certainly isn’t the place to push a confusing message delivered by a confused individual,” Dull added. “We urge every citizen that cares about their children and their futures to contact the Lansdale Library director and the Lansdale Borough Council to express their disapproval of using taxpayer funds to facilitate an agenda inconsistent with that of Lansdale citizens. We pray for clarity, truth and the protection of children in this dire situation.”

The Pennsylvania Pastors Network is urging people to take action in several ways:

  • Visit Lansdale Public Library and Director Tom Meyer at 301 Vine Street, Lansdale, PA 19446
  • Call and email Lansdale Library Director Tom Meyer at 215-855-3228, director@lansdalelibrary.org
  • Post a comment at the Lansdale Library Facebook page: facebook.com/lansdalelibrary
  • Voice your concerns to Lansdale Library Board of Directors: 215-368-1691,

www.lansdale.org/606/Elected-Officials (email addresses below; Lansdale Library’s Board of Directors is made up of the same elected officials as Lansdale Borough Council):

Garry Herbert: mayor@lansdale.org
John J. Ernst: Jernst@lansdale.org – Borough Manager
Mary Fuller: mfuller@lansdale.org – President
Denton Burnell: dburnell@lansdale.org – Vice President
Rich Digregorio: rdigregorio@lansdale.org – Treasurer
Stacey Maile: smaile@lansdale.org – Secretary
Leon Angelichio: langelichio@lansdale.org
BJ Breish: bbreish@lansdale.org
Carrie Hawkins Charlton: chawkins@lansdale.org
Bill Henning: bhenning@lansdale.org
Tom Work: twork@lansdale.org
Jack Hansen: jhansen@lansdale.org

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