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Does Abortion Really Constitute Health Care?

By Michael Miller, Samaritan Ministries for CHARISMA NEWS

Health care for some should not involve paying for the death of others.

As America marks the first anniversary of the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, many pro-abortion advocates still claim that “abortion is health care.” This erroneous phrase misses the mark when it comes to what health care truly is.

When doctors take their oath to “do no harm,” there is an inherent understanding that human life is sacred and therefore not something easily given up or taken away. To take an innocent life—for whatever reason—does not constitute health care. In fact, a paper published by the Family Research Council points out that abortion does not meet the criteria set by the American Medical Association as “the type of health care for which physicians should advocate.”

In other words, health insurance companies pay for something that actually puts two or more humans at risk. To argue otherwise could logically lead to a definition of pregnancy as illness and the in-utero baby or babies as causing the illness. Oddly enough, the majority of women with this supposed “illness” joyfully nurture the cause of this condition. Then again, insurance companies are increasingly paying for unnecessary and ill-advised procedures that put healthy people at risk.

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