Don’t Let Government Disarm Moms, Says Kimberly Fletcher of Moms for America®

‘The Drumbeat for Gun Control Could Leave Many at the Mercy of Criminals’

July 12, 2021

DAYTON, OHIO — America’s cities that have defunded and demoralized police are awash in skyrocketing homicides and shootings. 

Yet, just when citizens need more than ever to protect themselves, the Democrats and media are clamoring for gun control aimed at eventual confiscation.

“They couldn’t care less about leaving mothers defenseless while criminals run rampant,” said Moms for America® ( founder and President Kimberly Fletcher. “The drumbeat for gun control could leave many at the mercy of criminals. 

“More and more women are buying guns and taking gun safety classes. They don’t need protection from guns; they need protection from a government that wants to take them away.”

Fletcher pointed to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when officials went door to door and confiscated hundreds of guns while criminals were looting and attacking residents.   

“Progressives talk about not letting a crisis go to waste. Well, they don’t,” she said. “For example, every time there is a gun-related tragedy such as a mass shooting, Democrats pound away at the Second Amendment, using scare tactics. What they don’t tell you is that honest, law-abiding citizens with guns are not the problem; it’s the lawless, predatory culture created by a ruling elite protected by their own, gun-toting security teams.” 

Mothers are often the ones dropping children off at school, venturing out to public parks, and doing the family’s shopping. When crime increases across the board, women and children are at greater risk.

“Women, like all Americans, have a constitutionally protected right to defend themselves and their children. In fact, for many mothers, carrying a weapon is a way of preventing violence,” Fletcher said.

Examples abound of moms and other armed women who have thwarted attackers.

When a man forced his way into her home, a Miami mother with two children grabbed her shotgun and made him flee. A video captured the incident.  

“Without that shotgun, she and her children would doubtlessly have been added to the long list of crime victims,” Fletcher said.

One mother wrote a column for the New York Times entitled, “I’m a mom who owns a gun; here’s why.” She recounted how her own shotgun-wielding mother saved her from an intruder: “[W]hen my dad left, when I was 3 years old, our neighborhood on Long Island experienced a crime wave of burglaries, which led my mother to keep guns in various parts of the house in case she needed one at a moment’s notice. That decision turned a story with a potentially tragic ending into one about a heroic single mother and her young daughter.”

Another woman related how, in her early 20s, she used a shotgun to scare off would-be rapists who were breaking into her home. 

A mother of five kids who has a disabled husband told how several men threatened her in a shopping center parking lot until she pulled a gun out of her purse.  “Who knows how it would have turned out had I not been paying attention, trusted my gut and was unarmed?” she said.

“Moms, like other Americans, have a God-given right to protect themselves and the ones they love,” Fletcher said. “When Democrats threaten to take away our guns, they are taking away our ability as women and mothers to defend ourselves in dangerous situations.

“The next time you hear Democrats talking about curbing the Second Amendment, remember they are not talking about taking guns from dangerous criminals—the criminals and the government will still have guns whether or not they are legal. Democrats are talking about taking away guns from moms.”

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