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Dr. Alex McFarland: Christians Encouraged by New, Better and Stronger Relationship with Israel

President Trump’s Ongoing Commitment to God’s Nation Is a Welcome Change

GREENSBORO, N.C.—Just days before today’s observation of its 70th anniversary as a modern nation, Israel made a global declaration of its appreciation and gratitude of President Donald Trump’s ongoing commitment to Israel.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat has named the square near the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem the “United States Square in honor of President Donald Trump” as a way to return “love to the president and residents of the United States who stand by the state of Israel.” The mayor added that in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Trump stood “on the side of historical truth.”

Religion and culture expert, national radio host and author Dr. Alex McFarland says President Trump’s commitment to Israel is just one facet of his leadership thus far that will cause him to go down in history as one of the country’s greatest presidents.

“President Trump has made good on his many promises and accomplished several positive foreign policy goals, including those related to Israel, Iran and North Korea, and this will undoubtedly make him one of America’s greatest presidents since Ronald Reagan,” said McFarland, who is also Director for Christian Worldview and Apologetics at the Christian Worldview Center of North Greenville University (NGU) in Greenville, South Carolina. “The liberal media and his detractors might balk at this, but few rational people will deny that President Trump has already made history during his time in office. His actions in Israel alone are worthy of history books, especially after the frosty attitude toward Israel by this nation’s past administration.”

Last week, McFarland also praised the president on his strong stance regarding the Iran nuclear deal, and the U.S. withdrawal from the debilitating agreement, that now benefits both America and Israel.

President Donald Trump has once again shown his courage and character in doing not the easy thing, but the right thing—not a popular, ‘conventional wisdom’ decision, but a courageous wise decision,” McFarland added. “President Barack Obama enabling Iran to pursue nuclear capabilities not only endangered the entire world, but was an act against American interests to the point of treason. President Trump is acting in the best interest of America, and is making the world a safer place in the process and cementing America’s ongoing supportive relationship with Israel.”

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