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CHARLOTTE, N.C.Wouldn’t it be nice if staying strong in the Christian faith came with a guidebook? A roadmap of sorts to keep Christians on track to know what to say during those awkward conversations?

Author, religion and culture expert, and national radio host Dr. Alex McFarland (www.AlexMcFarland.com) is aiming for just that type of guidance for those who want to “stand strong” in their faith.

Co-authored with apologist and evangelist Jason Jimenez, McFarland’s newest book, “Stand Strong in Your Faith: Live What You Believe with Confidence and Passion,” provides Christians with insight and encouragement to keep the faith during the toughest times of life.

“No matter what our age, the need to keep the faith throughout life’s many tests, temptations and trials is crucial,” McFarland said. “Every day, negative news permeates our souls, as we watch the world attack our beliefs and call them outdated, archaic or even silly. But hiding under a bushel once those attacks come isn’t God’s way. We cannot cower in a corner and keep the light of Jesus to ourselves. God will present us with opportunities to show His love, grace and truth to others, and how will we answer? Will we turn the other way and take the easy way out or will we stand strong? The pernicious ‘PC Pablum’ is ever-present and sure to continue to permeate college campuses. College students and all adults must be more prepared than ever to stand strong in their faith.”

The world is full of fear, and constant doubts and worry may consume some Christians, but “Stand Strong in Your Faith” seeks to build Christians’ confidence and helps them possess truly explosive faith.

McFarland and Jimenez deliver a powerful message that champions Christians to live their faith with boldness and strength. Readers of “Stand Strong in Your Faith” will learn how to:

“All of us can recall what we learned in Sunday school or gleaned from Bible studies, but if we don’t have the strength to talk about our faith with others in tough situations—and with conviction and passion—we are not fulfilling Christ’s calling for our lives,” McFarland added. “I’ve written many books geared toward young people, and I love talking to tens of thousands of them each year. And while this book is geared toward Christians of all ages, it’s especially valuable for college-aged students who will head back to campus in just a couple of short months. With throngs of young people leaving the faith and joining the ever-growing ‘nones’ population, there’s no more important time for teens and millennials to become rooted in their faith.”

“Stand Strong in Your Faith,” released earlier this month, is available from BroadStreet Publishing.

In another of his new books, “Abandoned Faith: Why Millennials Are Walking Away and How You Can Lead Them Home,” also co-authored with Jimenez, McFarland explores why millennials are leaving the church, instructs how those who love millennials can bring them back, and offers the hope of Christ to parents, especially as they seek to understand what propels their adult children as they begin to come into their own.

View the media page for Alex McFarland here. For more information on Dr. Alex McFarland, visit www.AlexMcFarland.com or follow him on Facebook or on Twitter @AlexMcFarland.