Dr. Alex McFarland of Truth for a New Generation Speaks to Thousands of Youth Each Year; Helps Them Discover Love of God and Country

Dr. Alex McFarland of Truth for a New Generation Speaks to Thousands of Youth Each Year; Helps Them Discover Love of God and Country

New Survey Finds Millennials Don’t Value Patriotism, Family and Religion as Much as Past Generations

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—For 20 years, according to a survey conducted over the past two decades, Americans have valued patriotism, family and religion the most.

But a new study has found that millennials don’t hold these values as closely as previous generations.

Youth and culture expert, author and nationally syndicated host Dr. Alex McFarland speaks with tens of thousands of young people every year and said that his Truth for a New Generation Ministries focuses on returning—or instilling in the first place—a love for God and country.

“We want God to have the hearts and minds of our young generations,” McFarland said, “rather than have their thinking highjacked by secular progressives. Through Truth for a New Generation and our passionate speakers at two events this fall, we’re talking to kids about God and country because they won’t hear it through the media, and they are certainly not being taught patriotism through the public schools. Liberals want to control young people so they can join them in hating America. This is why we hope to instill principles of both God and country—they are gifts that are too precious to take for granted.”

To reach Generation Z, millennials, their parents, their pastors and military families, Truth for a New Generation Ministries, made possible in part by Liberty University, is hosting two upcoming regional conferences that aim to lift up this young generation, pray for them and empower them to stand strong in their faith. Two events in Richmond, Virginia (Oct. 11-2), and Cincinnati, Ohio (Nov. 15-16), are planned for this fall. Learn more here.

At the Richmond event, Fox News commentator, radio host and author Todd Starnes will be one of the featured speakers. The host recently reported on the survey about the millennial and Generation Z survey findings on “The Todd Starnes Show,” when he interviewed Liberty University professor Carey Roberts, who said indoctrination is happening both at the university and high school levels.

“I think a lot of conservative Americans want to blame these things on what happens to people when they get to college,” Carey told Starnes. “But what I’m seeing as a college professor is that so many of these students are radicalized in high school. That is something that’s taking place much earlier than many of us realize.”

According to the survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News and reported by Fox News, 21 years ago when the survey began, the majority of Americans responded that “principles of hard work, patriotism, commitment to religion and the goal of having children” were critical, WSJ said. “Today, hard work remains atop the list, but the shares of Americans listing the other three values have fallen substantially.”

The Christian Post also reported on the survey by stating that just 30% of respondents identifying as millennials or Generation Z (ages 18-38) say religion or belief in God is very important, while 67% of those over 55 agree. Likewise, most respondents under 38 do not see having children as very important while some 54% of respondents over 55 say it is. Those who value “patriotism” as very important also dropped from 70% over the same period to 61% today. Just 42% of younger citizens rank patriotism as “very important,” while 79% of those over 55 say the same.

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