Dr. Michael Brown: Victories in the Culture War Show Faithful Are Fighting Against Jezebel’s Evil Spirit

Dr. Michael Brown: Victories in the Culture War Show Faithful Are Fighting Against Jezebel’s Evil Spirit

Brown’s Popular New Book, ‘Jezebel’s War with America,’ Details How the Demonic Spirit of Queen Jezebel Is Still Operating Today

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Author and national radio host Dr. Michael Brown says that until Jesus returns and sets up His perfect kingdom, the culture wars will continue to rage, and there will be many setbacks along the way.

“But that doesn’t mean there won’t be some real victories as well,” said the author of the popular new book, “Jezebel’s War with America: The Plot to Destroy Our Country and What We Can Do to Turn the Tide.“We’ve seen some positive, recent news that shows that the evil spirit of Queen Jezebel, the most wicked woman in the Bible, is not winning on all fronts. The faithful are taking the necessary steps to spread truth and push back against her demonic ways that are still waging war on our nation.”

Brown details in “Jezebel’s War with America” that this evil queen was an idol worshiper and murderer who intimidated people by fear and was associated with sexual immorality and sorcery. Her spirit at work is evident through a militant pro-abortion agenda and an assault on gender as God intended.

But, the author notes, a new report shows that the number of abortions in America continues to drop. As reported by the Associated Press, “the number and rate of abortions across the United States have plunged to their lowest levels since the procedure became legal nationwide in 1973, according to new figures…”

“To be sure, this news is hardly all positive, since hundreds of thousands of babies are still aborted every year in the USA,” Brown said. “At the same time, one less abortion means one less baby killed in the womb, and for that, we rejoice. We can be encouraged by this line in the article: ‘The abortion rate is now less than half what is was in 1990. To be sure, some of the decline is due to lower fertility rates, with women having less children in general. And some of the decline is connected to increased use of contraception. But much of the decline is also due to a recognition of the wrongness of abortion. And so, despite the gory statistics of 862,000 reported abortions in 2017, the pro-life cause continues to gain ground.”

In another piece of good news, Brown noted, New York City has decided to drop an oppressive ban on so-called conversion therapy.

As reported by PJ Media, “New York City will act swiftly to repeal a ban on psychotherapy to address unwanted same-sex attraction, New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson announced last week. Johnson, who is himself gay, insisted that he would rather not repeal the ‘conversion therapy’ ban, but he insisted that a legal challenge forced his hand.”

The bill, which became law in 2017, forbade a therapist from charging clients for “services intended to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.”

“In other words, if a gay man asked a licensed therapist to help him overcome his same-sex attractions and the therapist agreed to help him, the therapist would be fined,” Brown said. “And the fines would be $1,000 per violation. Obviously, this law was oppressive, tyrannical and unconstitutional, but it was easily passed in the liberal climate of New York City. However, after an Orthodox Jewish therapist sought legal help from the Alliance Defending Freedom, the city quickly retreated. They knew they could not win in the courts, since both the state and federal courts have become more conservative. Could this be the first of many repeals?”

Thirdly, in response to parental protests, different cities are now canceling “Drag Queen Story Hour” events at local libraries, with the most recent cancellation in Texas.

“Of course, it’s a shame we even need to fight this battle,” Brown said. “But the good news is that some communities are standing up to this outrageous and offensive new practice, one that targets the most vulnerable citizens in our country: toddlers. Perhaps it’s also good news that the opposition is showing its true colors. As reported earlier this month, a California church was vandalized for opposing ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ in a local public library. This is an attack on Christian values and on Christian believers coming from Satan himself. At least the cat is out of the bag. Forward in faith and courage! In the end, the light will also triumph over the darkness.”

Brown says these cultural victories are in part due to warriors who are taking the necessary steps to ensure that Jezebel’s evil spirit does not destroy their communities. The concluding chapter in “Jezebel’s War with America” gives instructions on “How to Defeat Jezebel on a National Level.”

STEP 1: We Must Give Ourselves to Prayer!

“We have established that our greatest battle is spiritual and that some of the biggest problems we face as a nation are interrelated, so now we understand how we must wage war,” Brown writes. “It begins on our knees. It begins in the prayer room and at the prayer meeting. It begins with fasting, with intercession, with prevailing prayer and persevering prayer, with fervent prayer and focused prayer. It begins with crying out—real, genuine, crying out to our Father—and with faith-filled rebuking of the enemy.”

STEP 2: The Prophets Must Speak!

“It was one thing to be silenced during the days of Jezebel,” the author notes. “She was literally killing the prophets, and I don’t imagine her henchmen cared about how they went about their bloody business. This was brutal work, and the suffering was acute. If you did stand up and speak out, you could be dead within the hour, if not on the spot.

“But today in America, who is putting a gun to our heads or a knife to our throats? I mean this literally. Who is threatening us with death if we speak?” Brown continues. “And yet so many of us are silent. So many have retreated. So many have given way to a spirit of fear. So many have made a bargain with the devil. I’m talking about preachers. About pastors. About prophets. I’m talking about local leaders and national leaders. Thank God for those with holy backbone. Thank God for those who are willing to pay the price to take a stand. Thank God for those who speak the truth in love, who walk in courage, who don’t back down.”

STEP 3: Push Back!

“It’s not just a matter of leaders speaking up,” Brown says. “The body must stand together and push back against radical activism, the kind of activism that makes way for the items mentioned above.”

STEP 4: Let’s Learn What We Can from President Trump

“There are things we can learn from President Trump that are especially effective when dealing with Jezebel,” Brown writes. “One lesson, which is particularly important for Christian leaders, is this: don’t avoid confrontation. We often try so hard to be nice. At all costs we do not want to offend. But sometimes confrontation is necessary, and there are scores of biblical examples for this.”

STEP 5: The Castrated Males Must Regain Their Manhood

“Last, and certainly not least,” Brown concludes in this final step, “we need to revisit the account of Jezebel’s death, although I repeat, we are making a spiritual application. When it comes to those who oppose us, we bless those who curse us and we pray for those who despitefully use us, leaving vengeance to the Lord. We are not wishing a violent death on our ideological enemies. God forbid! Rather, we long for their repentance and their salvation.”

“Jezebel’s War with America,” released last month, focuses on the fact that the spirit of the biblical figure Jezebel is at work today, through a fascination with witchcraft and sorcery, radical feminism coupled with the extreme pro-abortion movement, along with other spiritual and cultural forces in an attempt destroy America. Brown’s eye-opening book not only unveils a satanic plot, beginning with an all-out assault on the church, but it will equip every believer with tools to defeat the enemy in their own personal lives as well as in the nation.

Dr. Michael L. Brown is founder and president of AskDrBrown Ministries and president of FIRE School of Ministry. The author of more than 35 books, including “Saving a Sick America” (2017), he is also the host of the nationally syndicated daily talk radio show “The Line of Fire,” as well as the host of shows on GOD TV, NRBTV and METV. His syndicated columns appear on many leading websites, and his scholarly publications range from biblical commentaries to articles in Semitic journals and theological dictionaries. He has served as an adjunct or visiting professor at seven leading seminaries and has debated gay activists, agnostic professors and Orthodox rabbis on university campuses.

“Jezebel’s War with America” by Dr. Michael L. Brown is released by FrontLine, an imprint of Charisma House, which publishes books that challenge, encourage, teach and equip Christians.