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Bestselling author Dr. Michael Youssef analyzes what Jesus said about end times — and how Christians should prepare

October 3, 2022

ATLANTA — Both inside and outside the church, people are asking the same question: Is this the end of the world? With a global pandemic that has killed millions; nations spending millions of dollars to update their nuclear weapons arsenals; and an increase in fires, floods, plagues, and other natural disasters, Christians and non‐Christians alike are concluding that history appears to be drawing to a close.

Yet bestselling author Dr. Michael Youssef says now is not the time to fear. In “Is The End Near?,Dr. Youssef looks at Jesus’ words in Matthew 24 and 25 about the end of civilization and examines the following:

The book will release on Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

Youssef stated, “As believers, we don’t view the end of history with alarm but with hope, since we know that Jesus is returning and God controls the future. I believe we truly are witnessing events that the Bible foretold regarding the End Times — events that Jesus foretold and are recorded in Matthew 24 and 25. As believers, we don’t have to fear the end. Using God’s Word as our guide, we can look toward the future with hope, because we know the One who holds the future in His hands.”

Instead of being fearful of the events to come, Youssef inspires readers to share the Gospel with others so they can be a light to those who are afraid. Christians don’t have to fear the end times. “This book is a must-read because it will encourage you. It will lift you up — it will make you look up, not down,” Youssef said.

Dr. Michael Youssef, who has traveled around the world 67 times, was born in Egypt and lived in Lebanon and Australia before coming to the United States and fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming an American citizen. He holds degrees from Moore College in Sydney, Australia, and Fuller Theological Seminary in California, with a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from Emory University. Youssef has authored more than 50 books, including popular titles like “Jesus, Jihad and Peace,” “Hope for This Present Crisis,” and “Saving Christianity?” 

Equipped with a deep understanding of the Bible, the Middle East, sociological trends in the Western world, and important Christian worldview issues, combined with his own personal experiences growing up under a socialist dictatorship, Dr. Youssef is a sought-after voice whose expertise is regularly requested on both secular and Christian media. This includes invitations from Huckabee, Fox & Friends, The Eric Metaxas Radio Show, The Hugh Hewitt Show, The Christian Post, FOX News, Hannity, Glenn Beck, The 700 Club, and more. He and his wife reside in Atlanta and have four grown children and 11 grandchildren.

For more information on Dr. Youssef’s newest book release, Is The End Near?,” visit www.istheendnearbook.com. The book is available for preorder now.