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Dr. Paul Chappell on the Christian Post| Jesus’ Birth Is Perhaps the Greatest Pro-Life Story Ever Told

Jesus’ Birth Is Perhaps the Greatest Pro-Life Story Ever Told

Even before baby Jesus was born, He was living proof that God’s design for life begins at conception.

By Dr. Paul Chappell

A blind preacher stood in line at a store, and although he could not see the ladies around him, he could hear them vocalizing their opinions about an ongoing political debate—abortion. They berated political right-wing activists who stand against abortion. They spoke hatefully about conservative Christians who assert that life begins in the womb. Together, they passionately agreed that every woman should have the right to choose what she does with her body and that abortion should be a legal option for every woman.

This godly man could remain quiet no longer. He turned to the ladies and kindly asked if he might have a word. They agreed, so the preacher offered them a biblical view regarding the pre-born child. He quoted Luke 2:5, where the Bible describes Mary as being “great with child” and explained that God sees the pre-born as children—not as mere tissue.

He further challenged their misconceptions, explaining that many Christians give of their time and effort to help distressed women looking for answers: “Ladies, Christians do not hate those who abort babies, but they do believe that abortion is against God’s plan. Many organizations helping women who face unwanted pregnancy are established and supported by Christians who want to show God’s love to those without hope.”

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(This post originally appeared on christianpost.com | Image from christianpost.com)