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Clinton’s Newest Book, ‘Focus on the Future,’ Encourages Readers to Look to the Future in Order to Save Society

November 1, 2021

LYNCHBURG, VA.— In his new book, Focus on the Future: Your Family, Your Faith, and Your Voice Matter Now More Than Ever,released last month, Dr. Tim Clinton impresses upon readers the importance of looking to the future, despite the urge to focus only on the present.

“Considering the future is a common trait among the wholehearted, among people of faith, among people of God and godly vision,” Clinton states. “They stand in their moment in time, however troubled, and they face the call of the future. They envision what can be and how to answer the challenges of their age. Then they build for a future better than the past they have known.”

It can be difficult for people to prepare for the future, Clinton admits, but it is necessary to not dwell on the chaos of present times and to look ahead to a brighter tomorrow.

“We are witnesses to unprecedented events that beckon observers to stop and stare in awe at the political, cultural, and emotional landscape of our times,” Clinton comments. “Yet our future depends on our ability to quickly assess and move forward, ever fighting for our future. There is no time to gape at the wreckage or the new risings of hope. Every called warrior must show up for battle.”

This calling to look to the future and prepare for what is to come is especially important for Christians.The outcome for the future “all depends on what the church does with the opportunity culture has given to her,” according to Clinton. In a world succumbed to cultural and spiritual decay, the moment of revival is right around the corner. If the church does not look to the future and take advantage of this moment, it might be too late.

In the face of a society that is determined to eschew traditional and biblical values, “Our true hope is the power of Christ coming alive in his body, the church,” Clinton claims. “The question is, what will the church do with the opportunity culture is giving us right now? Could it be that, like Esther, we have been called ‘for such a time as this?’

“We must focus on the future and seek to discover our part in leaving a legacy that will impact future generations,” Clinton declares. “The truth of God’s Word can save a society. It will simply take people with an uncommon level of devotion. We have to know our times. We have to step into this moment in history, this graciously given reprieve. We have to consider the future. Then we need to take healing to our troubled generation.”

As the president of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), Clinton is familiar with these issues, as well as how to address them. In his new book, he reveals:

Dr. Tim Clinton, EdD, LPC, LMFT, leads the largest and most diverse Christian counseling association in the world, AACC. Dr. Clinton also serves as the Executive Director of the Liberty University Global Center for Mental Health, Addiction and Recovery, and is co-host of “Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk,” heard on nearly 1400 radio outlets daily. Licensed as a Professional Counselor and as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Clinton is recognized as a world leader in mental health and relationship issues and spends much of his time working with Christian leaders and professional athletes. He has authored or edited nearly 30 books. Dr. Clinton and his wife, Julie, have two children, and a granddaughter.


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