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Elizabeth Yore for Townhall | Unreported, Unsuspected, Undetected

(This post originally appeared in Townhall.com | Image from Townhall)

By Elizabeth Yore

The hidden trafficking of the practice of underground female genital mutilation in the United States often goes unreported, unsuspected and undetected. The first federal prosecution of female genital mutilation (18 USC § 116) is occurring in Detroit, Michigan, with the indictment of Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, the alleged mutilator, along with eight other conspirators, aiders, and abetters.

These defendants are members of the Muslim sect Dawoodi Bohra and mandate this practice of FGM on their little daughters.

Incredibly, a federal statute outlawing FGM was passed in 1996, and it has taken 21 years to bring a federal criminal prosecution. While this is a first important step, it signals the depth and extent of the covert conspiracy of silence to protect this hideous and barbaric practice on unsuspecting little girls. The public should be aware that it is also a federal crime to take a child out of the U.S. for the purposes of FGM.

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