Every Legal Vote: Does Knowledge of Election Fraud Incriminate Those Who Certify the Vote?

December 4, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In the wake of what has been described as the most fraudulent election in world history, a group of concerned American citizens came together to form the Every Legal Vote (www.everylegalvote.com) coalition and to create a website where those who experienced election fraud in the 2020 elections could report their observations. Every Legal Vote also collaborated with some of the world’s top experts in cybersecurity and election systems to analyze electronic fraud that took place.

“Every Legal Vote asks this question of the American people, ‘Does Knowledge of Election Fraud Incriminate Those Who Certify the Vote?’” The answer, is YES!”

According to legal experts, were a criminal investigation launched into the election fraud (as it should be), a failure to report a felony could lead to criminal charges:

Federal law prohibits concealing information about specific crimes. Under 18 United States Code, Section 4, you may be obligated to report a crime if you are directly asked during a criminal investigation whenever:

  • You have knowledge of the commission of a felony;
  • The felony actually occurred; and
  • The felony is a federal offense;

If you willfully conceal the commission of a felony federal offense, you can be charged with “misprision of a felony.” Misprision of a felony is a form of obstruction of justice. If you are convicted, you face up to a $250,000 fine, imprisonment up to three years, or both fine and imprisonment.

In an open letter to the state of Arizona, the Every Legal Vote coalition voiced its concerns, “Just some of what we and others have discovered was briefed to the Pennsylvania legislature last week, demonstrating to that state’s leaders that they had a massive problem with election fraud and election system vulnerabilities.  Unfortunately, we have concluded that so does Arizona.

“The Every Legal Vote (www.everylegalvote.com) website has been active for just over two weeks and during that time the coalition has had submissions of thousands of stories and personal testimonies from citizens around the country that experienced election fraud firsthand. Every Legal Vote has gathered many stories from the state of Arizona, which the coalition believes are true and that justify a much deeper investigation.  

“What is more worrisome, though, is the voter fraud that people could not see – because it took place electronically.  This type of fraud can only be detected by cybersecurity experts and through mathematical analysis.  This is what experts recently did in Pennsylvania and the results were outrageous. This is exactly what must occur in Arizona, and immediately. 

The State Legislature is given the constitutional duty to oversee the integrity of the voting system to ensure the confidence of each citizen that their legal votes are counted. State constitutions grant the legislature the final responsibility to certify the vote.  Therefore, were the Arizona legislature to certify the vote after a fraudulent election, it would be a criminal and unconstitutional act.”

The Every Legal Vote coalition concluded with the urgent request that the Arizona State Legislature be called into an emergency session to conduct hearings and a full audit of the November 3, 2020 Election.


To interview a member of the Every Legal Vote campaign or for more information, contact Media@HamiltonStrategies.com, Jeff Tolson, 610.584.1096, ext. 108, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102.