Every Legal Vote: Equal Time is Required to Provide the People of Michigan and America with a Basis for Proper Evaluation of the DOMINION CEO’s Testimony

December 15, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  Every Legal Vote (www.everylegalvote.com), a group of concerned American citizens, who came together to form a coalition and create a website where those who experienced election fraud in the 2020 elections could report their observations, is deeply concerned regarding Dominion Voting Systems representatives, and their sudden change of heart in testifying before the Michigan State Senate today.

In an open letter to members of the Michigan Legislature, Every Legal Vote addressedtheir concern regarding the Michigan State Senate’s need to offer equal time to provide the people of Michigan and America with a basis for properly evaluating the Dominion CEO’s testimony:

“The hearing conducted today in the Michigan legislature – in which only the founder of Dominion Voting Systems, John Poulos, was afforded an opportunity to testify – has left an incomplete and highly misleading record that must be corrected immediately. The proper way to do so is to permit expert testimony to be provided that will clarify and, where necessary, rebut myriad statements made by Mr. Poulos.

“The following are four illustrative examples of such problematic statements:

  1. Mr. Poulos claimed that Dominion employees do no work on the election processes themselves. Yet, multiple witnesses have attested under oath that they observed and/or worked with Dominion employees directly involved in 2020 election activities. Cases in point include:
  • In Maricopa County, Arizona, Dominion employees reportedly ran many functions of the vote count on Election Day and were present at vote count centers in multiple other states that night. The county stated this was normal and that they trusted Dominion to handle these activities.
  • In Detroit, Dominion employees apparently were present at the vote counting center and a Dominion employee testified in court to observing irregularities and fraudulent activities being done and permitted by senior Dominion representative Nick Ikonomakis, who is listed on patents including those regarding ballot adjudication.
  • In Gwinnett County, GA, Dominion Representatives were apparently filmed manipulating the batch adjudication system. [https://twitter.com/CodeMonkeyZ/status/1334301062526746625   https://youtu.be/gCHnkwYvHO0]
  • Mr. Poulos testified that Dominion does not use a defective cybersecurity product called SolarWinds Orion that allegedly was hacked by the Russian military and the subject of a recent warning from the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Yet, as recently as December 14th, the company seemingly featured on its website the SolarWinds logo (an image that apparently was since removed) raising questions about precisely what sort of use Dominion makes of a company with proven vulnerabilities – and what might that might have precipitated in the way of compromises of sensitive electoral data by foreign penetration, if any. https://web.archive.org/web/20201214093452/http://dvsfileshare.dominionvoting.com/Web%20Client/Mobile/MLogin.htm
  • Mr. Poulos claimed that the adjudication tools are auditable and protected, and that Antrim County did not use a weighted vote count system. The report released on December 13th about the investigation into Antrim County’s electoral practices, equipment and procedures, however, shows that the system was selected for weighted voting. And digital adjudication is absolutely vulnerable to bad actors, as seen in the video from Coffee County, GA. [https://twitter.com/i/status/1337096504570482692  https://youtu.be/dUgtvG_ZnIM]

“We do agree with John Poulos on one point: He testified that the mere allegation of fraud is sufficient grounds to require a hand recount. We actually have not just allegations, but strong evidence, of widespread and material fraud. Therefore, we call for every county in Michigan to undertake such a hand recount of ballots that have been subjected to analysis and validated as legal ones by forensic experts.

“In addition, as Mr. Poulos argued that the investigators’ findings concerning Dominion machines used in Antrim County were anomalies, it is appropriate and necessary to conduct the same forensic examination as was used in that county to examine Dominion machines in all the other Michigan counties where they were utilized.   

“The Every Legal Vote Coalition believes that your constituents and the rest of our countrymen and women are entitled to a thorough exploration by the Michigan legislature of these and related problems with the 2020 election. We respectfully call upon you to convene a follow-on hearing for that purpose immediately. To do otherwise would make a disgraceful mockery of the state legislature and disserve the compelling public interest in ensuring that elections are free and fair, both the present one and those that will follow it”


To interview a member of the Every Legal Vote campaign or for more information, contact Media@HamiltonStrategies.com, Jeff Tolson, 610.584.1096, ext. 108, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102.