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FCA’s Shane Williamson in The Christian Post: Everything Starts with a Serve

By Shane Williamson for The Christian Post | Image from The Christian Post

Integrity. Serving. Teamwork. Excellence.

Those four words—the core values of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes—give us a foundation from which we can carry the message of Christ to coaches and athletes through the vehicle of sports. Through God’s provision, the ministry has grown beyond anything we could’ve thought or imagined over the past six decades.

While each of these core values is fundamental to what we do (and who we are as Christ-followers), all of us can “do immeasurably more” through serving. Think about it: No other action a person can take leaves as profound an impact on another as serving. It’s a basic, essential part of the daily Christian walk. Each day, we should be committed to serving others, simply putting their needs and wishes in front of our own. Continue reading…