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February 22, 2022

KANSAS CITY, Mo.— Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA, www.fca.org) is proud to announce four new members to their Board of Trustees. These individuals have worked tirelessly to further the FCA vision: to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

“We are so blessed by our newest members of our Board of Trustees,” said FCA President and CEO Shane Williamson. “These men are solid in their faith and faithful to the ministry of FCA. We are excited to see what God will do through their leadership and oversight.”

Brian Dennett

Dennett currently serves as President of Engagement for AMG’s Worldwide ministries, an 80-year-old “Gospel-First” organization operating in 37 counties. He joined AMG International in 2008, as a missionary serving as president for AMG’s ministries in Guatemala. Dennett studied Business Administration and held executive-level positions with the Spring Air Company and Sears, Roebuck and Company, while actively serving in lay leadership with his local church. He serves on the board of several evangelical ministries, including FCA.

Dennett has a passion for bringing Christian organizations and leaders together to share in building the Kingdom. Dennett worked closely with FCA Guatemala, serving youth in Guatemala City and now in other parts of the country. He has also served on the advisory board of FCA Latin America and will continue to support efforts in that region of the world. Dennett presented on the opportunities and importance of partnering at the FCA Latin America Ministry Conference in 2019.

Dennett stated, “It is a tremendous privilege and honor to serve within such a dynamic organization that has led so many people to Christ over so many years!”

Dennett and his wife, Mary, currently live outside Chattanooga, Tennessee and have been married for 33 years and have six children (Abigail, Jordan, Aaron, Brody, Eve and Micah) and three grandchildren from his daughter Abigail and her husband Jake (Reuben, Dahlia and Elsie).

Patrick Oduro

FCA’s first African Board member, Oduro has served on a board of several Christian organizations including the Sports 4 Life Ministries (Ghana), Campus Crusade for Christ, Ghana and the Akuapem Ridge Interdenominational Church (AIC). Oduro is a founding member of the Akuapem Ridge Interdenominational Church (AIC), Peduase, off Aburi Road and currently is the CEO of Hephzibah Christian Centre in Peduase.

Oduro stated, “FCA is needed now more than ever, as it can offer people hope by the Gospel of Jesus Christ through sports. Sports is such an amazing unifier that brings people together more than any other discipline I can think of. Through FCA, lives are transformed for Christ through sports. The discipline that sports provide in general helps build a total person. I have witnessed firsthand that evangelism through sports works. I love to see people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I believe it is the only real hope for mankind here on earth.”

Oduro is married to wife Vivian and lives in Ghana.

Trey Hill

Hill serves as President of Oilmens Equipment Corporation, a 70-year-old family-owned business serving the oil and fuel distribution industry. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1987 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Hill and his family moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina in 1999 to join the Oilmens team. Shortly after getting settled in Spartanburg, they began their involvement with FCA. Hill currently serves as a board member for FCA’s Carolina’s Region. Hill’s previous FCA involvement includes serving as the Spartanburg board member and chairman, hosting and leading high school football and basketball team bible studies and high school coach’s bible studies. 

Hill commented, “It is exciting to serve the Lord through FCA and take the gospel to coaches and athletes and meet them where they are!”

Hill and his wife Missy have been married for 34 years and have three children (Courtney, Kyle and Collin) and one grandson from his daughter Courtney and her husband Chris.

Jeff Fagen

Founder and President of Carpet for Kids, Fagen has been a faithful supporter of FCA in multiple areas for decades. Fagen became a believer in Christ during the start of his sophomore year at an FCA picnic. Dealing with an injury that prevented him from competing, a former Nebraska/NFL football player shared his testimony at the picnic and opened Fagen’s eyes to the grace of God. Fagen went on to be a collegiate track athlete.

Fagen previously served in leadership role at FCA’s University of Nebraska chapter, and also served on a Regional Board for 3 years. Currently, Fagen supports a number of FCA ministries including FCA Nebraska, Pacific NW Region and Low Desert FCA.

Fagen stated, “I’m so grateful for the opportunity God has provided to serve as a FCA Trustee. This completes a circle of faith, starting with my salvation He provided through FCA in college to being involved on a deeper level with the ministry today!”

Fagen’s and his wife Kathryn live in Lake Oswego, Oregon and have two children, Matthew and Natalie.

FCA’s theme for 2022 is Every, based on Ephesians 1:3: “All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ.” FCAreminds Christian coaches and athletes that they already have everything they need in Christ and encourages them to seek Him both on and off the field.

Through extensive growth, FCA has reached millions of people with the Gospel. View a timeline of FCA’s 67-year history here, including videos, quotes, articles, leader profiles, Camp themes, photos and more.

Read more about Fellowship of Christian Athletes here, visit FCA’s website at www.fca.org, its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TheFCATeam or its Twitter feed https://twitter.com/TheFCATeam.