Fellowship of Christian Athletes Expands Into 27 New Countries in 2018

***News Release***

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Expands Into 27 New Countries in 2018

FCA International Now Serves in 84 Countries Through 242 Leaders and Reaches Tens of Thousands of Coaches and Athletes Annually

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—Over the past year, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA, www.fca.org) has made incredible international strides, as coaches and athletes around the world are hungry to learn more about Jesus and His love, as well as committed to serve Him through the sports they love.

Today, FCA International is celebrating that it now has a presence in 27 new countries that had been previously unreached by the sports ministry in 2017. These countries are found on five continents and in the Oceania region.

“The doors God has opened for FCA around the world have been astounding,” said Executive Director of International Ministry Dan Britton. “We can learn a lesson from Genesis 12, where God told Abram to just ‘Go!’ and He would take care of the rest. That is such a poignant message for all of us, but especially at FCA International. We may see barriers in language, politics and geography, but nothing gets in God’s way. True faith begins when we step out of our comfort zone and simply go. God is waiting for us to be bold and courageous. Five years ago, I had no idea that God would grow FCA International into 84 countries with 242 international leaders, reaching over 30,000 at 300-plus Camps with 6,904 decisions for Christ! God didn’t show us what would happen if we went. He simply says go, and then He will show once we start the journey.”

Britton added that the most significant growth for FCA International has been the Huddle program, increasing from 876 groups to 1,775—in just one year—and reaching over 35,000 attendees. Additionally, FCA International reached more than 3,300 coaches through 100-plus coaching workshops.

Through FCA Huddles, workshops, Camps and other events, coaches in every corner of the world experience life transformation that lasts an eternity:

  • “After training, I feel strong and ready to fight for Christ!”—FCA leader from East Asia
  • “This work we do opens doors to work with coaches in places to share the Gospel.”—FCA leader from Brazil
  • “I have felt empty for my whole life and at this Camp, I started to be full. I feel like God is calling me to follow Him and I don’t know how, but I want to be full.”—Coach from Ukraine

“We desire to engage, equip and empower coaches and athletes by developing small groups in local communities,” Britton added. “Transformation happens when coaches and athletes circle up and connect while studying God’s Word. They go further and faster together! FCA’s vision is to reach every coach, every athlete, every team and every community in every country! The Gospel is spreading throughout the whole world and bearing fruit.”

View and download the 2018 FCA International Report and watch the 2018 International Impact Video.

Read more about Fellowship of Christian Athletes here, visit FCA’s website at www.fca.org, its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fcafans or its Twitter feed @fcanews.