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Fellowship of Christian Athletes for The Christian Post: Don’t miss opportunities God brings your way

By Dan Britton for The Christian Post | Image from The Christian Post

During my morning run, I don’t like to stop—for anything. The goal is to stay focused, keep moving and finish strong. Stopping isn’t part of the formula. However, one morning I saw a car crawling toward me with the passenger window down. Noticing the elderly man leaning across the passenger seat, he wanted to ask me something. My shirt with the big Fellowship of Christian Athletes logo on the front was bearing witness; I felt convicted—I mean, compelled—to stop and help.

As I approached the window, I saw maps and directions scattered all over the front seat. He had every map known to mankind at his fingertips. His papers were his GPS—old school! He asked, “Can you help me?” Breathing heavily and a little bothered that I had to stop, I said, “Sure.” He asked where the Ritz Charles was located. Stunned, I pointed to a sign 10 feet in front of his car that said “Ritz Charles.” He simply said, “thanks” and traveled two seconds to his destination.

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