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Fellowship of Christian Athletes for The Christian Post: Fellowship of Christian Athletes celebrates 65 years of seeing the world transformed by Jesus

By Shane Williamson for The Christian Post | Image from The Christian Post

I love hearing stories of impact and life change that result from a Fellowship of Christian Athletes experience. Over the past several months, coaches and athletes from all walks of life have shared stories about how God used FCA Camp, a time of inspiration and perspiration, to transform lives. When I add this up over more than six decades of ministry, all I can say is, “Wow!”

This month, FCA is celebrating our 65th anniversary, and we’re grateful for the men and women who pioneered this ministry. We’re bearing the fruit of a rich history of faithful servants who believed God wanted to use the vehicle of sports to introduce competitors to Christ. It’s an honor for myself and our team of close to 2,000 staff members to continue this legacy and take the vision into future generations.

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