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Fellowship of Christian Athletes for The Christian Post: Will we have the ‘strength for 2’?

By Jimmy Page for The Christian Post

In Greek mythology, a hero is believed to have “strength for two.” In other words, to be heroic, you not only had to thrive on your own, but you also had to help someone else thrive, too. When we envision superheroes today, we’re often drawn to both their physical strength as well as their moral strength to come to the aid of those in need.

Over the past several years, Spartan Racing has become part of my DNA. I love the electric atmosphere before each race, but what’s inspired me most is when I see those who are strong helping those who are struggling. Shouting words of encouragement is common in many non-Spartan races, but I’ve seen racers literally carrying other competitors, bearing their burdens, pitching in and paying someone’s “burpee penalty,” sometimes even hoisting them over a 10-foot wall.

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