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Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Charisma News | How Spirit Led Are You?

(This post originally appeared in charismanews.com | Image from charismanews.com)

By Shane Williamson

How Spirit Led Are You?

Whenever a season comes to a close, coaches like myself and others immediately look to the next year, sometimes too quickly. We start by reflecting on the season that just ended. What were the successes? What were the failures? What did we learn? Looking back on the season helps us move forward with hope, excitement and encouragement, knowing a game plan is in place.

The same principles can exist outside of sports as we reflect on our lives at Thanksgiving and each time the calendar year comes to a close. Around this time, I always begin to ask myself specific questions, taking inventory of where I am and how the past year has impacted me.

Mentally, what have I learned over the course of the year? How have I put those lessons into practice?

Physically, how is my health? What kind of physical shape am I in, and what good or bad habits are contributing to that?

Spiritually, how deep is my relationship with God? How Spirit-led have my interactions with others been?

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