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Fellowship of Christian Athletes in The Washington Times | Coaches, athletes, fans and faith in the watching world of sports

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By Shane Williamson

Coaches, athletes, fans and faith in the watching world of sports

Coaches and athletes impact a watching world through their sport and the lives they lead on and off the playing field. These two areas are interconnected in ways that may not be apparent at first glance but, in reality, cannot be separated.

In our hero-worshiping nation, one man had a revolutionary idea 63 years ago. He said, “If athletes can endorse shaving cream, razor blades and cigarettes, surely they can endorse the Lord, too.” So Don McClanen, the founder of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), formed an organization that would help Christians strengthen their faith so they could serve as role models for the youth and athletes of our nation. He knew that faith was critical to sound thinking, decision-making and guiding people of all ages to a life of true freedom.

I have been blessed to live my life in sports through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for the past 25 years to help bring the life-changing message of Christ to those who may have never heard about the true freedom He offers. As a husband, father, coach and athlete, God has used faith teaching to grow and change my life, marriage and family in many positive ways. Every aspect of my life is a testament to the impact the Lord can make through a God-centered sports organization like FCA.

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