Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Individuals and Teams Give 100% When Focused on Christ

Community Holds Coaches, Players and Teams Accountable to Spiritual, Mental and Physical Dimensions of Athleticism, In-Person or Online

September 21, 2020

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The isolation caused by a pandemic and the restrictions that abbreviated or cancelled seasons may threaten to discourage many teams, but just as a coaching staff strives to achieve team accountability through community, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA, www.fca.org) is calling coaches and athletes to rally together for unity, communication, effort and dedication.

Some teams crumble under the pressure of an unbalanced score at halftime or a bumbled call from a referee; other teams leverage disappointments by uniting in crisis. They dig deep as individual players and build each other up as a team.

According to FCA Chief Field Officer Dan Britton, Christian athletes — those who find their identity 100% in Jesus — learn to operate as a team, not as rogue superstars trying to further their own resumes.

“A community is best when it holds each member 100% accountable to Christ and to each other,” said Britton. “When every player knows their role and plays it flawlessly, teammates support each other and build off of each other’s strengths. Teams don’t work well if only one person handles the brunt of the effort. Everyone plays a part that contributes to the overall wellbeing of the team.”

Knowing that isolation and disappointment diminish a sense of team, FCA staff are using Huddles, YouVersion devotionals and online resources to take coaches and athletes back to the original Team Jesus, based on the concept that humans perform better in cooperation than in isolation.

One example is FCA’s YouVersion Team Jesus reading plan, which is a three-day plan examining the qualities of the ultimate coach — Jesus — and what His team looks like as Christians come together for the common goal of the Gospel. “Jesus strategically started a team that no one thought would come together, led them with an approach filled with authority and sincerity, and through unconditional love, transformed a group of individuals into one cohesive unit,” says the Team Jesus reading plan.

“Jesus placed great value on community, on pulling people close and knitting together authentic relationships that hinged on the heart of His ministry,” Britton said.

The first Team Jesus was never about assembling all-stars; it was about putting a team of ragtag individuals together who would embrace the mission and work together for one goal.

“When Jesus came to earth and called His disciples, He reached out to motley individuals and, in three years, united them toward one common goal: sharing the good news of Jesus’s life, death and resurrection,” Britton stated. “Fast forward to now — we have our chance to connect for the Kingdom and be united on Team Jesus. We are entrusted with caring for each other, and we look to Jesus’ example.”

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes has a host of resources on www.fca.org that equip coaches and athletes to find their identity 100% in Christ and lean into the four attributes of a team: unity, communication, effort and dedication.

“Team takes commitment,” says Britton. “It takes an unyielding steadfastness to long seasons, longer offseasons, and training, workouts, eating right and keeping up with schoolwork as needed. Being an athlete isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s a beautiful dedication that manifests wonderful results when done right.”

Now that schools are in session, FCA Huddles are one way competitors can connect with others to build community and live out 100% faith in Christ together. Earlier this year, FCA introduced FCA Virtual, an online and social media initiative to rally coaches, athletes and staff around the incredible stories of what God is doing through virtual FCA ministry. FCA Virtual is a space to gather ideas about how to engage teams and Huddles in online spiritual growth and to look for ways to serve and connect if social interaction isn’t always possible. Learn more at FCA.org/Virtual.

Read more about the Fellowship of Christian Athletes here, visit FCA’s website www.fca.org, or connect on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.


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