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Fill The Stadium (www.FillTheStadium.com) is an urgent effort with a unique goal. It seeks to help 70,000 children and their families through the critical next 12 months—roughly the average capacity of pro-football stadiums in America. Fill The Stadium hopes that those who would normally spend money to attend a pro-sports event this year—but who can’t because of COVID-19—choose instead to support at-risk children who need urgent help.

The Fill The Stadium lead team consists of standouts in their fields—and already they’ve attracted a strong assist to their God-focused cause. Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado is CEO and President of Compassion International, a Christ-centered, church-based ministry dedicated to releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Steve Stenstrom is President of Pro Athletes Outreach—and as a former NFL quarterback, he knows all about getting the ball over the line for a winning purpose. Together, they seek to Fill The Stadium.

Fill The Stadium leaders note that $500—approximately the same amount a family of four would spend on a pro-football game day for tickets, meals, parking, and a program—will help provide one year of food, nutritional supplements, hygiene essentials, and COVID-19 medical screenings for a child in crisis. So far, the group has “filled” over 16,000 seats—well on their way to the goal of helping 70,000 children.


Already signed on for key roles in the Fill The Stadium effort are such standout professional athletes as Dakota Dozier of the Minnesota Vikings; Alyssa Naeher of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team; Nick Foles, professional football MVP quarterback; Chris Davis, first baseman of the Baltimore Orioles; Devin and Jason McCourty, defensive backs of New England; Nate Solder of the New York Giants and many others. These elite athletes understand that their leadership and participation can help bring much-needed attention to this worthy cause.

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