Final Vote Tabulations Are Intentionally Delayed by Democrat Governors and Activist Judges

Says American Pastors Network President Sam Rohrer: ‘Fraud and Confusion Introduced Corruption into the Voting Process’

November 5, 2020

PHILADELPHIA — The American people sat up half the night waiting in anticipation of the presidential election results, but it appears that they will need to wait longer.

“As expected, the final vote tabulations are intentionally delayed by strategic corrupt actions by Democrat Governors and activist Judges who have all violated their oath of office by changing voting laws without Legislative authority,” said American Pastors Network (APN, President Sam Rohrer. “The Democrat/Marxist game plan from the beginning was to create opportunities for fraud, confusion and introduce corruption into the voting process.”

Enhanced by violence on the streets and more, Rohrer stated that “the opponents of freedom now appear to be moving into operation their telegraphed plans to create chaos and confusion with the hope of seizing power and gaining through intimidation and coercion what they could not do by the legal ballot box.”

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