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Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries for Townhall: A Vote for Two Men or a Vote for Two Ideologies—One Will Save America and Keep Her Strong

By Dan Celia for Townhall

Regardless of who we think won or lost the debate and no matter what the media believes, the upcoming election is going to be about America’s future. Unfortunately, it also needs to be about parties—two very different parties. Anybody voting in this election must consider the parties. Look at one party, the Obamacare party, who watched as President Obama stood at a State of the Union speech and lied to the American people about the average cost for a family for health care and that it was going to go down $2,400 a year; that they’d be able to keep their doctors, and they’d be able to go anywhere they wanted to get care.

Does anyone remember Jonathan Gruber? The MIT economist, the architect of Obamacare, who met hundreds of times with President Obama in the White House, that was exposed because of an open mic, speeches, leaks, and other disclosures that came out in 2014. Gruber talked about the public’s “stupidity.” We came to discover that President Obama intentionally lied to the American people, the “stupid” American people. We came to understand, after Gruber’s testimony, that this was the stepping stone to government-controlled medicine, a stepping stone to socialism. The Democratic Party, which admitted that they never read the bill before they voted on it, looking for the demise of Medicaid and Medicare that would be replaced by our new socialist medicine, Obamacare.

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