From Camps to Campus

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From Camps to Campus

How the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ Camp Experience Translates to Life-Changing Impact on the School Campus

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—More than 100,000 coaches and athletes are coming off incredible Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA, Camps experiences, with their sports skills sharpened and their faith in Christ fortified.

Now, these coaches and student-athletes will return to the school campus, and FCA is praying the Camp impact will have a lasting effect throughout the academic year.

“We praise God for the incredible impact we know He made at this summer’s many Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camps,” said FCA President and CEO Shane Williamson. “Our goals as a ministry are to Engage relationally with the Gospel, Equip with God’s Word and then Empower these disciples of Christ to make disciples. The pace, responsibilities and distractions of school, sports and life can tug at this passion to share Christ with others one on one, in Huddles and through events. We pray for our staff and volunteers as they encourage, train and resource coaches and athletes to make disciples—working to create the good soil (Matthew 13) in which the seed can grow.”

As an example, an FCA video from the 2016 Camps season details how five football players who attended an FCA Camp at UCLA helped impact their entire school. These players recounted how the Camp was a “life-changing experience” as they learned how God is in control of their journeys, both on the field and in life. Watch here.

The players also shared how after the summer Camp experience, the attendance at the FCA Huddle at their school grew from four to 40 attendees, where athletes pray together, get into God’s Word and become a campus family in Christ.

For 64 years, FCA has helped students bring the presence of the international sports ministry to their campuses—from middle school to college. Small gatherings called Huddles, efforts toward team unity, early morning Bible studies and even larger campus-wide events all help students to experience eternal, saving grace and to know what it means to have their lives changed by Jesus.

On the “Get Involved” section of the FCA website, students can learn about more opportunities to bring an FCA presence to their campus, including Huddles, which consist of meetings and Bible studies for teams, coaches or groups involved in multi-sports. Students can also begin planning ahead for the student-led Fields of Faith gatherings, happening Oct. 10 on athletic fields nationwide.

FCA’s 2018 Camps season, made up of about 800 events in the U.S. and internationally, reached upwards of 115,000 coaches and athletes with the theme is “Strong,” based on the Bible verse 2 Timothy 4:7: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.”

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