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GOP Tax Reform Plan Expected This Week

Financial Expert Dan Celia: Economically Inept Congress Holds Keys to Strong Economy, Full Employment and Job Growth


PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—The long-awaited final details of the GOP tax reform plan are expected this week, and it’s none too soon for financial expert and nationally syndicated host Dan Celia.

Celia has been calling for a dedication to tax reform for months, which holds the key to a strong economy.

“If we want a real, sustainable rise in the markets to continue, we must forge ahead with tax reform,” Celia said. “If we want jobs to grow, we need tax reform. Real full employment? Tax reform is the answer. Labor participation rates climbing to 21st-century levels will be a result of tax reform. Real growth in wages, increased retail sales, return of the 40-hour workweek and a reduction in the part-time workforce—all from tax reform.”

According to Politico, two key Republican senators last week reached a compromise on the scope of tax breaks in the Senate GOP budget resolution. Sens. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) announced in a joint statement that they had agreed for a “tax reduction” over 10 years, albeit without disclosing the total dollar amount. Corker has not said if he agreed to the $1.5 trillion in tax breaks over a decade that GOP senators have been considering, Politico added. Toomey has called for at least $2 trillion in cuts.

Celia has also said the country is being led by the most economically inept Congress in history, now being told what to believe about the economy by lobbyists.

“Most members of Congress are no more equipped to talk about economic issues than anyone on the street,” Celia said. “In fact, I would submit that the vast majority is less equipped, in that the average person on the street would be more economically astute than any legislator. That’s a pretty pathetic thing to say, but it’s true. If most lawmakers were in tune with the economic needs of the American people, many agenda items—including tax reform—would have been done many months ago.”

Celia leads Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries (FISM, and focuses on important economic news and biblical investing during his daily, three-hour program, “Financial Issues,” heard on more than 630 stations nationwide and seen on NRBTV, which reaches 45 million households.

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