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Gospel Radio Programs from The Tide® Ministry in Albania Reach Listeners in Other Countries and Impact Muslims

Muslim Professor Says He Is ‘Enlightened’ by Radio Programs and How Pastors Bring ‘Biblical Principles to Our Everyday Life Circumstances’

April 27, 2020

HARRISBURG, Pa.—Many believers around the world find hope and wisdom in the Gospel radio programs broadcast by The Tide® (www.thetide.org) ministry in 27 languages in nine countries.

But beyond those who already put their faith and trust in Jesus, the programming also reaches those who may be far from Christ or not yet introduced to His love and grace.

“The Tide ministry has been honored to share the Gospel in Albania for the past five years, first over radio airwaves in partnership with Radio 7, then through media players, livestreaming and, most recently, through a television program geared toward young people,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “We hear from many Christians who are touched by the content of the programs, especially in a country where Islam and atheism are present. So it is amazing when we hear from unbelievers that they have been uplifted or are now putting their faith in Christ after listening to a Tide partner pastor on the radio.”

One of these listeners is Skerdi, whose testimony also shows the far-reaching impact of The Tide programming.

“I have been living in France for over two decades now,” Skerdi said.However, I always stay connected with my friends and family in Albania. I watch Albanian TV channels as part of my daily routine and listen to radio stations. For over five years, I have been listening to Radio 7 online. I was raised in an atheist environment and then being a new emigrant in France, I was too busy to get rich. However, Radio 7 programs have helped me to understand that if I lose my soul, everything I have is nothing. I have committed myself to Christ for over two years and love to see the Gospel message shared in my country. I’m very blessed by the Albanian pastors. Pastor H has helped me to understand the Bible and be a bold believer. He taught me how to be a believer who lives his faith every day at work or at home. Thank you for serving millions of Albanians worldwide.”

Muhamer from Kosovo has a similar story. As a university professor, he listens to several forms of media every day as part of his work.

“I found Radio 7 Kosovo accidentally and since then it’s my favorite radio station,” Muhamer said.Whenever I need wisdom or need to make important decision, I turn on the radio. I get there all that I need. Somehow, I’m enlightened when I listen to the programs. I’m a traditional Muslim and I respect all the other faiths. I read a lot and want to gain wisdom. I love the messages from Pastor G. He is a wise man and very practical in his messages. It is so unique the way he brings the Biblical principles to our everyday life circumstances.”

Likewise, Faton from Decan, Kosovo, says he listens to Radio 7 every day because it brings him peace.

“The music and the messages are very encouraging and full of life,” Faton said. “I suffered from depression and anxiety since I was a child, and some days are better and some are worse, but in any circumstances, Radio 7 has been like a companion to me—my comforting friend. I’m a Muslim and never had any interest in any other religion. I want to honor my family and continue the tradition. My parents are too old and will be very hurt if I change religions. However, I have been listening to a few programs lately that made me think of eternity. If I die, where I would go? I’m not sure if I am a good enough person. I like to listen to Pastor J because he shares a lot of personal stories and is very open even to share his failures. Most people don’t do that. And he has such a security about eternal life that I have never seen in anyone else. As I listen to his program, I ask God to show me the truth.”

For more than seven decades, The Tide ministry has recorded and broadcasted Gospel programming in nine countries on three continents in 27 heart languages spoken by millions of people in multiple regions of Albania, Bhutan, India, Kosovo, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand and Zimbabwe. With more than 7,000 languages spoken worldwide and more than 2,000 people groups that have been unreached by the Good News of Jesus, the opportunities are tremendous.

For more information about The Tide broadcast projects, history, radio programs around the world, special yearlong campaigns, the weekly Global Update radio features or other news, visit its website at www.thetide.org or its Facebook page. Read more about The Tide ministry and Director Don Shenk here.


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