H.R. McMaster Unfit to Serve Following Pattern of Insubordination to President




H.R. McMaster Unfit to Serve Following Pattern of Insubordination to President

Egregious Acts Show ‘McMaster Must Go,’ According to Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney


Washington, D.C.—National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster’s pattern of insubordination to President Donald Trump clearly demonstrates his inability to continue in this role, said Center for Security Policy President and CEO Frank J. Gaffney, who in the wake of new revelations today has chronicled numerous concerns leading to the conclusion McMaster is “unfit to serve.”

“Ever since H.R. McMaster was appointed National Security Advisor to the President, his tenure has been marked by one debacle after another,” Gaffney said. “His many acts of insubordination and malfeasance should have cost McMaster his job long ago. McMaster has made it a habit to publicly disrespect the president, and his contempt for Donald Trump disqualifies him from future service.”

A new Buzzfeed article today cited sources who said McMaster mocked Trump’s intelligence at a private dinner attended by Oracle CEO Safra Catz, including the following highlights:

  • “The top national security official dismissed the president variously as an ‘idiot’ and a ‘dope’ with the intelligence of a ‘kindergartner’”
  • “‘[Catz] said the conversation was so inappropriate that it was jaw dropping’”
  • “Catz was so alarmed by the tenor of McMaster’s comments about President Trump and Israel that she confided her concerns to several administration officials”
  • “[A]dministration officials threatened to retaliate against several figures with knowledge of the July dinner if they spoke to BuzzFeed News.”

Additionally, Gaffney listed ongoing instances of policy differences, insubordination and relationship challenges that reveal McMaster is simply not the best choice to serve Donald Trump as America’s National Security Advisor:

  • On May 8, it was reported that:
    • Trump had screamedat McMaster for calling South Korea to undercut the president on missile defense policy
    • Trump had calledMcMaster “the general undermining my policy” in a meeting McMaster attended
    • McMaster had complainedabout the use of the term “radical Islamic terrorism” in Trump’s speech to a Joint Session of Congress at the end of February, but the President emphasized each word of the phrase in the speech anyway; and
    • “McMaster did not accompany Trump to meet with Australia’s prime minister; the outgoing deputy national security adviser, K.T. McFarland, attended instead.”
  • On May 24, columnist Ken Timmerman chargedthat McMaster was squandering capital Trump earned in Saudi Arabia by claiming ISIS members were “not Islamic people.”
  • On May 25, the Israeli press saidMcMaster had been excluded from a meeting between Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • On July 17, the New York Times reportedthat McMaster and others had recommended staying in the Iran Deal, and Trump had spent 55 minutes of the hour saying he didn’t want to.
  • On July 24, Politico reportedthat, “In a meeting described as a ‘s*** show’” in a heated debate in which “words were exchanged,” Trump rejected a new Afghanistan strategy spearheaded by McMaster. According to the report, “On key policy issues from Russia and NATO to the Iran deal, McMaster has recommended a more stay-the-course approach, only to find fierce pushback from Trump himself.”
  • On Aug. 3, Sara Carter at Circa broke the newsthat McMaster had allowed Obama National Security Council Director Susan Rice to keep her security clearance in spite of the unmasking scandal, sometime during the last week in April; and finally
  • On Aug. 9, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) put out a devastating studyof McMaster’s positions, recommending he be reassigned to an “area not dealing with Israel or Iran.”

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