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Health Care Sharing Gives Christians the Gift of Bearing Each Other’s Burdens

By Dan Celia for The Christian Post

Even though America’s health care system is still in crisis, headlines have taken a backseat to other news. Regardless of the coverage, more than 1 million people are dropping off the rolls of the “Affordable” Care Act this year alone. Given high premiums, some people are choosing instead to purchase catastrophic plans, but it’s becoming clear that such plans don’t cover what many believe they do.

American health care becomes more expensive year after year, while at the same time, insurance companies make billions of dollars annually. Additionally, Americans’ taxpaying dollars are being used as a gift to insurance companies just for participating in health insurance exchanges. Health care coverage is covering fewer and fewer things, with higher and higher deductibles, while more and more doctors and hospitals are electing not to perform certain surgeries and other procedures based on diminished reimbursement from the government and insurance companies. Continue reading…

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