Health Care Sharing Through Samaritan Ministries Transforms Budgets for Millennials, Young Families

Health Care Sharing Through Samaritan Ministries Transforms Budgets for Millennials, Young Families

Young Samaritan Members Say They Experience Multiple Benefits—Saving Money, Top Care and Transparency, Sharing in Others’ Needs and Being a Part of a Biblical Community

October 28, 2019

PEORIA, Ill.—Many millennials, Generation Z’ers and young families may be facing some health care unknowns during the upcoming open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which runs from Nov. 1 through Dec. 15. Some may be in need of a new health care option due to a career change, while others may be looking for an affordable model for a growing household.

Regardless of these varied situations, health care sharing through Samaritan Ministries International (, one of the leading health care sharing ministries in America, can be an excellent fit for young people and families just starting out. In fact, 18- to 35-year-olds already make up about a quarter of Samaritan’s household members. Well over 20,000 of Samaritan’s 82,000-plus total households—over 270,000 individual members—are headed by millennials.

“Many millennials may not even be aware that health care sharing is an option available to them,” said Anthony Hopp, vice president of external relations for Samaritan Ministries. “This decisive and outspoken generation doesn’t have to settle for the status quo in health care. Health care sharing works wonderfully for singles and young families because monthly financial shares are low, and members are part of a biblical community that shares millions of dollars every month in medical needs. Plus, members are not limited to restrictive networks, so they are able to truly own their health care, making their own care decisions and finding better prices.”

Hopp added that millennials also appreciate Samaritan’s easy-to-use, fast and efficient online resources, as well as the fact that their monthly financial shares are sent directly to other Samaritan member families rather than to a large, impersonal, insurance conglomerate.

Many millennials and young families are drawn to Samaritan Basic, a low-cost membership level designed for those who want a lower monthly share amount. Basic offers many of the same features as Samaritan Classic but has different limits on amounts that can be shared and maternity needs. This membership level offers monthly financial shares as low as $100.

Said Derah, a millennial-aged Samaritan Ministries member from Illinois, “I love that we get to be a part of a ministry of helping other believers and sharing in their burdens with them. And I love getting the opportunity to trust and rely on God through this unconventional means of health care. And I love getting to support a ministry that is full of godly people bringing God the glory.”

Lauren, a member from South Carolina, said her experience with Samaritan over the past year has been “very positive.”

“Even though I haven’t had any health needs to share so far, it’s been a privilege and joy to share in meeting the needs of other brothers and sisters in Christ,” Lauren said. “This, to me, is much more special than mailing off an insurance check to a large corporation every month. With Samaritan, I get to participate in prayer and hear what God is doing!”

Michelle and Cory of Idaho appreciate the ease of health care sharing.

“Samaritan Ministries has been a huge relief,” they said. “It has been so easy to submit bills and receive prayers and the finances we need. Thankful!”

Sarah and her husband, David, millennial-aged members from Texas, say they are “so grateful” for Samaritan Ministries.

“I feel so connected to the Body of Christ through this ministry and I have been astounded with the excellence I have seen in the stewardship of this ministry!” Sarah said.

Likewise, Daniel and Jordan, a young couple from Tennessee, exclaim, “We love Samaritan Ministries!”

“The staff is amazing and helpful,” they said. “We always have a good experience when we need to talk to a staff member!”

Hans and Rachel from Kansas couldn’t agree more.

“It is so encouraging to know our monthly share is going directly to a fellow believer, to help them financially, and through prayer as well!” they said. “So much more fulfilling to write the check each month instead of sending it to insurance.”

Jeff in California said the transparency offered with health care sharing through Samaritan Ministries is an added bonus.

“Samaritan takes out a lot of the mystery involved with paying for our medical issues,” Jeff said. “It removes the middle man and unites the body of Christ as we help each other get the help we need. Also, when you call to ask for help, Samaritan is kind, patient, and actually available.”

Each month, Samaritan members share $30 million in medical needs—person-to-person and family-to-family—as they also pray and send notes and cards of encouragement. Over the past 25 years, Samaritan members have shared $1.8 billion in medical needs.

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