Israel Celebrates 70 Years as Modern Nation

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By Gary Dull, American Pastors Network, for CNS News | Image from CNS News

From the very beginning of her history, Israel has faced hard times, has been surrounded by enemies, has fought for her right to exist, has been in and out of the land promised by God, has obeyed God, has disobeyed God, has been persecuted by other countries and people, and has survived like no other nation on the face of the earth. Most, if not all, nations that have gone through what Israel has faced from her founding would not still be in existence or would be of very little importance. Continue reading…

It’s Good to Be Heard in DC — for a Change

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By Tim Wildmon, American Family Association, for The Christian Post | Image from CP

In April, I received an invitation from the White House to attend a briefing for leaders of conservative organizations. You never know about meetings like these. I have been to many that turned out to be just a dog and pony show without much substance. But that was not the case this time. About 40 groups were represented to hear directly from some of the top officials in the Trump administration, people who meet with the president on a regular basis.

Donald Trump was not my first choice for president. I voted for another candidate during the primary. With Trump, I would cheer what he said one day, and be aghast at something he would say the next. After the primaries, it was clear that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would be president of the United States.

As Trump went forward, he took some actions and made some pronouncements that made me more and more comfortable with his campaign. For one, he named Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana as his running mate. Pence is an evangelical Christian. He understands a biblical worldview. The one issue I did have with Gov. Pence is that he gave in to some of the demands of the LGBTQ mob on a religious freedom law in the Hoosier state a couple of years back. Even so, I thought that having Pence as Trump’s vice presidential running mate meant that Trump wanted a committed Christian as his top confidant and adviser. Continue reading…

APN for The Christian Post: Do We Care That Our Family is Hurting?

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By Shane Pruitt and Sam Rohrer | American Pastors Network
The Christian Post | Image from The Christian Post

“Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” – Hebrews 13:3

One of the most natural responses we have as humans is the drive and the desire to protect our families. We’ll fight for our loved ones, sacrifice our well-being for them, and most of us would put our own lives in danger so that our families could continue to live.

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Elizabeth Yore in Townhall: Maine Now a Safe Harbor for FGM Mutilators

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By Elizabeth Yore for | Image from Townhall

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, when America focuses on programs, laws and resources to raise awareness to prevent the ongoing epidemic of child abuse in America. Ironically, Maine child advocates celebrated “The Week of the Young Child”April 16-20.

This week, Maine House Democrats sent a clear message that female genital mutilation (FGM) performed on young girls should not be a crime in their state. So much for child abuse prevention.

And so, in the month dedicated to the prevention of the abuse of children the Maine, House Democrats, along with their leadership voted against “The Act to Prohibit FGM against the minor child,” by a party line vote with 69 GOP (and 1 Dem) voting for the bill and 77 Dems and Independents voting against an FGM bill that would  criminalize female genital mutilation. Continue reading…


Alfie Evans and Britain’s Post-Christian, Post-Human, Pagan Culture

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By Dr. Richard Land for The Christian Post | Image from Christian Post

Early Saturday morning, little Alfie Evans’s ordeal ended. I believe with all my heart he is now in the arms of Jesus for eternity. Sadly, our ordeal to survive as a civilized, humane society continues.

Little Alfie survived for 5 days after his respirator was cut off.

Little Alfie, 23 months old, had a “degenerative neurological condition” that the British doctors failed to diagnose with any further precision. Indeed, after his life support was removed, the British medical personnel seemed shocked that little Alfie continued to attempt to successfully breathe, assisted periodically by his mother and father administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when little Alfie’s lips would start turning blue. Five days later Alfie finally died. Continue reading…

Dan Celia for Townhall — Attention: An Important Notice Leading Up to the November Elections

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By Dan Celia for | Image from Townhall

What will be the next big uncertainty or concern that will push the markets into a major downturn? If we assume there could be one between now and the end of the summer, I suspect it will be due to the outlook on the upcoming November elections. I believe that by the end of August or beginning of September, if it appears as though liberals could gain control of The House of Representatives or the Senate, it could have a devastating impact on the economy. Of course, not many will want to admit this could be a problem, but the fact is that even the liberals on Wall Street must admit that do-nothing Congress for the next two years will not be good for economic growth. Continue reading…

Biblical Stewardship Rebukes America’s Health Care System

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By Michael Thomas Hamilton for The Christian Post | Image from The Christian Post

Each year, Americans “render to Caesar” ungodly sums to pay for federal health insurance programs funded with taxes and increases of national debt. These programs overreach the proper role of government revealed by Scripture, which is to administer justice and deter violence.

It is easy, and right, to blame profligate politicians for squandering our children’s inheritance on bad health insurance programs. But how many Christians hold themselves to an equally high standard as stewards of the dollars they spend on health care?

Increasingly, Christians are discovering the “good and faithful servant’s” approach to paying for health care differs radically from the approach widely endorsed by elected officials, insurers, hospitals, providers, and patients. Meanwhile, untold numbers of Christ-followers fail to do their duty, as stewards, to eliminate wasteful health care spending from their own budgets—and from their fellow believer’s budget.

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The Pastor and the Persecuted Christians

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By Keith Wiebe | American Pastors Network for The Christian Post | Image from The Christian Post

Many Christians, especially those living under the severe religious restrictions experienced by 75 percent of the world’s population, are being persecuted today because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Yet, most pastors are strangely silent about the suffering of their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Therefore, it was a bit unusual when a layman opened a morning worship service by praying for persecuted Christians around the world. It is unfortunately not the norm for these brothers and sisters in Christ to be remembered in prayer in an American worship service. Yet it also seemed appropriate. As the service progressed, it became apparent that it is not unusual for this local church to be sensitive to the plight of the persecuted Christians. The pastor, in his pastoral prayer, also prayed for these believers. He was setting the example for his church by bringing the needs of persecuted Christians before the throne of grace. Continue reading…


American Catholics are aware of Christian persecution but need leadership from clerics

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BY DENISE LAUGESEN for The Hill | Image from The Hill

A poll of American Catholics shows many in the pews are aware of worldwide persecution of Christians, but need more leadership to make it a priority for the church in United States.

The Aid to the Church in Need-USA (ACNUSA) survey reveals the extent to which American Catholics are aware of Christian persecution throughout the world, and to what extent they feel the pope, their bishops and their parish priests make the issue a priority. While 40 percent of U.S. Catholics believe persecution is “severe,” and almost half think Pope Francis is “very engaged” on the issue, only 27 percent say the same of their local bishops. Even fewer, 24 percent, feel their parishes are “very involved.” Only half of American Catholics have donated in the past year to an organization that comes to the aid of persecuted Christians.

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‘Normalizing Abortion’ Can’t Pass This Simple Test

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By Kim Ketola for The Christian Post | Image from The Christian Post

Amelia Bonow and Poppy Liu kicked off their “Bible Belt Abortion Storytelling Tour” in New Orleans last month, pitching the idea that “abortion is normal since one in four women will have one in her lifetime.” Variations of that statistical projection from abortion rights advocates at Guttmacher Institute have been examined for accuracy and found wanting. But statistics aside, the Shout Your Abortion and Collective Sex founders seek to normalize abortion through their stories and events.

The messaging includes Shout Your Abortion (SYA) T-shirts sporting statements such as:

  • Abortion is freedom
  • Everyone knows I had an abortion
  • Abortion is pro-life
  • Abortion is normal

Do these assertions hold water? Or do these statements made about abortion beg the question by assuming that abortion does not involve taking an innocent human life?

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