The Question More Couples Should Be Asking About Their Marriage

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Faithful Christians need to look beyond themselves and remember that ‘the purpose of every aspect of our lives is to bring glory to God’


The most adventurous road trip I have taken with my wife, Terrie, without a doubt, was to Nicaragua.

I had been invited to preach in churches that were planted by a missionary and consult on starting a Bible college for Nicaraguan pastors. Because of the instability of the country, our church deacons recommended that we bring with us two men who were experienced police officers with a background in military reconnaissance.

On the morning of this adventure-fated day, we distributed food to residents who lived just outside the citywide dump on the outskirts of Managua and also visited a church about 500 yards away. We then headed into the mountains to the city of Matagalpa in a van with a hired driver about 50 yards behind a lead car. As we approached a bridge spanning the Rio Grande de Matagalpa, the lead car radioed that we should hold our position because there was trouble on the bridge. Continue reading…

J. Michael Waller for Fox New: Here’s What Trump Should Tell Putin at Their Summit Monday

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By J. Michael Waller, Center for Security Policy, for Fox News | Image from Fox

President Trump can have a successful summit Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland and outwit his critics if he takes a tough-love approach to his seeming bromance with the Russian leader.

Putin’s hold on power is weaker than it seems. He takes strength from the perception by some that he has President Trump in his pocket – yet he still needs a foreign enemy to justify his police-state rule.

American elected officials have provided Russian leaders – and Soviet leaders before them – with a needed foreign enemy for many years. However, U.S. hostility has failed to alter Moscow’s behavior or make America any safer. Continue reading…

What a Spoon Has in Common With the Liberty Bell

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By F.A. Cole for Charisma News | Image from Charisma

A riveting story from Sweden details the cry of freedom from young girls who will risk their lives to escape the horrors of female genital mutilation (FGM) and, ultimately, sexual slavery as their childhoods are destroyed. These girls have devised a last-ditch rescue effort by hiding a spoon in their underwear that will set off metal detectors during the airport screening process to enable them to get a private questioning that could lead to their freedom from genital mutilation or child marriage barbarity.

The spoon is becoming a symbol of freedom, just like the iconic Liberty Bell, which was first rung on July 4, 1776 to announce the vote for independence—the vote for freedom. It was later dubbed the Liberty Bell by abolitionists as the symbol to announce the freedom from slavery.

Inscribed on this special bell is a proclamation of liberty:

“Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”

The aspiration of this declaration is the yearning of every human heart, and it is now being expressed in a sacred space by the spoons these young women are carrying. Continue reading…

ICE IS Protecting Vulnerable Girls

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By Elizabeth Yore for | Image from Townhall

The grizzled, worn out Saul Alinsky tactics are alive and well with the Left flooding the streets and airwaves with demonizing chants of Abolish ICE.  The political strategy originates from Alinsky Rule 13: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy.”

Pick the boogey-man (ICE) and pummel it into submission and oblivion. This tactic is so obviously strategic and employed to whip up the crowd into a frenzy, eliminating any thoughtful debate, discussion of the issues or rational solutions.

Time to push back. Let’s pick the target, ICE, and highlight its importance and innovation to protect the human rights of little girls. Attention, women in the pink hats! You should care about the civil rights of innocent girls, your immigrant sisters who are at grave risk, happen to be protected by ICE. That reality may not fit the frantic narrative of a heartless ICE, but as they say everyone wants the truth, but nobody wants to be honest. Continue reading…

Will Brett Kavanaugh Stand Up for Women’s Rights and LGBT Rights? This Author Hopes Not

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Highly respected faith leader would not want President Donald Trump’s SCOTUS pick to focus on men’s rights, either

The legitimacy of a nation’s laws or a court’s decisions is measured by two things: the degree to which both stand for the inherent rights of all people; and how consistent both are to what Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers called “the immutable laws of nature” and “of nature’s God.”

So for the record, as a man I wouldn’t want a Supreme Court nominee to promise to focus on “male rights.” I hope that helps explain the headline of my piece. Continue reading…

Alex McFarland in The Christian Post: Lexington’s Hen Is More ‘Red’ Than Political Discriminators May Realize

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By Alex McFarland for The Christian Post | Image from The Christian Post

Even the most casual news watcher of the past few years likely knows of the black-balling of two formerly-revered forces in American life: religion and patriotism. Slandering “God and country” has essentially been a cottage industry for so long now that many younger people (late 20s and under) have never known a time when Christianity and America were portrayed positively. We are reaching a point that, hanging in the balance are the proximate destiny of the country and ultimate fate of many souls.

Our academic systems are militantly secular, and our media devoutly hedonistic. They are influencing people—especially young people—in horribly negative ways. Our abandonment of God, morality and patriotism are incrementally killing the soul of America and, at the same time, imperiling the souls of individuals.

And Stephanie Wilkinson’s pseudo-moral-high-ground, in ejecting Sarah Huckabee Sanders from her Red Hen restaurant, plays right into this. With her judging of President Donald Trump’s policies and personnel as “inhumane and unethical” and her misguided belief that refusing to serve Sanders makes some sort of “moral” statement, Ms. Wilkinson speaks with the blind conformity likely heard if we could have interviewed a Russian citizen a century ago, as that great nation was being led into the slaughterhouse of Leninism. Continue reading…

Dan Celia for CNS News: Tariff Headwinds Insignificant Compared to Tailwinds from $2T in American Investment

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By Dan Celia for CNS News | Image from CNS

With new tariffs either imposed or threatened, there certainly has been a rising wall of worry regarding international trade. I have been (and still am) in the camp that sees the talk of tariffs as simply negotiating tactics. Sometimes, when you lay out negotiating tactics, you have to demonstrate a willingness to use them as a starting point.

Maybe that was the intent, but nobody has yet stepped up to the table or shown a willingness to do anything beyond imposing retaliatory measures. So, is it time to truly start worrying about trade problems? Will we start to see an impact on corporate America’s earnings?

Some have suggested that trade concerns, tariffs and negotiating tactics will wipe out much of the benefits we have seen from December’s tax cuts. There are arguments on both sides, but it looks as though we could be getting warnings from companies concerning third- and fourth-quarter earnings forecasts. German automaker Daimler AG, maker of the Mercedes-Benz, is one of those companies indicating they will be hurt by potential tariffs on automobiles. And this will likely hurt their earnings report, according to Bloomberg NewsContinue reading…

Richard Land for The Christian Post: Child Welfare Must Come First; ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Is Un-American, Unbiblical, Unjust

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By Dr. Richard Land for The Christian Post

When I was playing football, baseball, and basketball in my youth, I learned an invaluable lesson very quickly: “Keep your eye on the ball!” It was critical, whether you were playing offense or defense. The ball was where the crucial action was taking place.

When it comes to the current crisis in immigration policy (a policy that is broken virtually every way a public policy can be broken), Americans and their elected representatives need to keep their eye on the ball — which means the primary, imperative concern must be the welfare and protection of the innocent children who are being victimized on both sides of the border. Continue reading…

When a Leader’s Influence Reaches Beyond the Title on the Door

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By Dr. Paul Chappell for The Christian Post | Image from Christian Post

Our culture gets hung up on titles, and we often buy into the premise that leadership and influence are related to our position on a flowchart or the title on our office door. But as one author observed, “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.”

In reality, influence reaches farther than mere title or position. The truest, most lasting influence is felt heart to heart and, when enlarged by God, extends far beyond what we would envision. True, some people have more prominent influence than others—the president of the United States or the CEO of a company, for example. But this doesn’t indicate a more significant influence. Continue reading…

The Mother of All Inventions

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The Simple Tool That Will Help Save Girls from FGM

By Elizabeth Yore for | Image from Townhall

Law enforcement now employs sophisticated cybercrime fighting tools to root out criminal conduct. Police use modern DNA technology to catch criminals, sophisticated digital camera imaging to solve crimes, and employ digital footprints and algorithms to track down child pornographers or cyber felons. Cyber forensics crack the complex code of global criminal activity and organizations. Yet, there are some crimes that do not lend themselves to cyber solutions.

The unique and covert nature of global trafficking of child female genital mutilation (FGM) victims introduces a baffling challenge for law enforcement interdiction. While not a sophisticated crime, the familial and secretive nature of the crime of FGM requires ingenious and enterprising crime-fighting tactics. The victims are young, threatened into silence, and powerless. Perpetrators and organizers of the mutilation of little girls’ genitals are often parents and relatives, thus making crime-solving difficult for police. Little girls are often taken overseas to their home country for this brutal procedure called “vacation cutting.” The modern challenge for law enforcement is how to prevent this ancient practice. Continue reading…