Large Pro-Life March in Virginia Gets Little or No Press Coverage

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By Robert Knight of Timothy Plan for | Image from LifeZette

On a perfect, cloudless spring day in Richmond, Virginia, thousands of pro-life protesters marched around the state capitol building against a bill that would allow abortion up to the moment of birth.

They were also protesting recent remarks made by Gov. Ralph Northam (D) in support of legal infanticide. Continue reading…

Alex McFarland for CNS News: Fetal Heartbeat Laws Don’t Take Away a Woman’s Right She Never Had in the First Place

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By Alex McFarland for CNS News

Now that Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed her state’s “controversial” heartbeat bill, the spirits of pro-life advocates who want to protect pre-born babies are buoyed, while others are lamenting “lost rights” and protesting with shouts of “My body, my choice!

In fact, some media outlets report that “anti-abortion activists” are winning across the country, as similar measures are underway in MissouriUtah and Louisiana.

This might create ire among the liberal left and Hollywood elite, but I believe the founders who gave us America would applaud these pro-life laws. Continue reading…

Samaritan Ministries’ Dustin Garrett for LifeZette: One Man Copes with the Wrenching Impact of a Girlfriend’s Abortion 20 Years Ago

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As Alabama passes a near-total ban on the procedure, a writer shares how God changed his life after tragedy — and led him to service to others

By Dustin Garrett for | Image from LifeZette

Helping to pay for my girlfriend’s abortion 20 years ago at the age of 14 seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

It would get rid of a bad situation in our lives; we wouldn’t have to deal with the “problem” anymore. After all, we were told — and we believed at the time — that having a baby at our age would “ruin your lives.” Continue reading…

Sam Rohrer for CNS News: Biblical Reasons to Honor Mom This Mother’s Day

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By Sam Rohrer by CNS News

This Sunday, the nation will celebrate Mother’s Day. Honoring our mothers is important not only to them, but also to us and to God.

Our moms hold a most special place in our hearts. Regardless of their education, talents or accomplishments, they’re special because they carried us in their wombs, and then gave us life. They fed us, bathed us, and nurtured us when we were helpless and needy. We are from them and literally part of them. Continue reading…

Mark Biltz for CBN News: Replacing Israel with Anti-Semitism in the Church, and What It Means for the End Times

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By Mark Biltz for CBN News | Image from CBN

Just about every Christian denomination in every country and culture has a different profile of Jesus. If you do an internet image search for “Jesus,” you will likely find a Hispanic Jesus, an African Jesus, and a Caucasian Jesus. And if you did an image search for “baby Jesus” online, you’d find a Chinese mother and child, a European mother and child, a Native American mother and child, and many others. Continue reading…

Sam Rohrer for LifeZette: National Day of Prayer—We Must Know What God Requires of Us

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By Sam Rohrer for LifeZette | Image from LifeZette

Too many people merely go through the motions of talking to the Almighty — let’s get serious about how we reach out to the Lord

Thursday was the National Day of Prayer, and it’s clear our nation needs prayer. You’ve heard the phrase “Prayer changes things” — but do we believe it?

The Apostle Paul told us to “pray without ceasing,” and James said “the effectual prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much.” Continue reading…

Elizabeth Yore in Republican American Connecticut Newspaper: End Scourge of FGM

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By Elizabeth York for the Republican American

Connecticut enjoys a history and reputation for strong, talented women who fought for human rights. Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” to raise awareness about the evils of slavery and to champion its eradication. Marian Anderson, the first African-American opera star, soared to headline at the Metropolitan Opera. Continue reading…

Frank Gaffney for Fox News: We must hold persecutors of Christians accountable

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By Frank Gaffney for Fox News | Image from Fox

Suicide bombers took over 300 lives and wounded many more in coordinated attacks on Christian churches conducting Easter Sunday services and celebrations at hotels in Sri Lanka. Authorities there are blaming heretofore little-known local Islamist groups. But pulling off such a complex, synchronized operation would almost certainly require greater terrorist expertise and so it is not surprising that ISIS is claiming responsibility.

The carnage among Christians worshiping on that holy day was particularly horrific – and, therefore, impossible for the international press to ignore. Yet, the fact that hundreds of millions of followers of Jesus around the world are being tortured, imprisoned, raped, crucified or murdered all too often goes unreported. Continue reading…

CCHF’s Twila Brase in 3 Senators Propose Health Care Freedom for Seniors

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Published in | Image from WND

Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas; Rand Paul, R-Ky.; and Mike Lee, R-Utah; are proposing a law that would unlink seniors from a longtime rule that requires them to participate in the “voluntary” Medicare program if they want their Social Security benefits.

AFA’s Walker Wildmon: Abortion Advocates Fail Miserably at Hindering ‘Unplanned’

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By Walker Wildmon, American Family Association, for the Epoch Times | Image from Epoch Times

The movie “Unplanned” is based on the true story of Abby Johnson, a former clinic director and employee of the year for Planned Parenthood who realized the horrors of abortion and became an advocate for life. “Unplanned” debuted over the past several weeks across the country.

Before I brag on the success of the film, I want to talk about the various hurdles it faced along the way. Continue reading…