Large Pro-Life March in Virginia Gets Little or No Press Coverage

By Robert Knight of Timothy Plan for | Image from LifeZette

On a perfect, cloudless spring day in Richmond, Virginia, thousands of pro-life protesters marched around the state capitol building against a bill that would allow abortion up to the moment of birth.

They were also protesting recent remarks made by Gov. Ralph Northam (D) in support of legal infanticide. Continue reading…

National Association of Christian Financial Consultants for Townhall: Making Recession Constructive

By Mark Minnella for Townhall | Image from Townhall

For the past 18 months or more, we have been inflicted with the screeching warning cries of a soon-to-come economic recession. Every chance and every possible indicator have been scrutinized to find some weakness in this strong economy. It seems the doomsayers won’t be happy until they see a downturn. Still, the economy keeps pushing forward with strength and vigor.

Now don’t get me wrong, someday we will see a recession again. Eventually, our economy will pause and even slow down. But truth be told, no one can predict when such a change will occur. Only God has the power to know the future. Everyone else is just guessing or projecting—maybe a sophisticated guess, but a guess just the same.

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Liz Yore for Breitbart: Pope Francis Goes Silent on Hong Kong Protests as Christians Take Major Role

By Liz Yore for Breitbart | Image from Breitbart

Hagan Lío.” “Take to the streets.” “Make a Mess.”

Pope Francis famously bellowed “Hagan Lio” to the 300,000 young Catholics gathered at World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro on July 26, 2013, urging them to shake up the complacency of their lives.

Sounding more like the socialist community organizer Saul Alinsky than the Vicar of Christ, Francis prodded young Catholics to take to the streets and shake up the establishment. He challenged that the young people, “must go out, they must show their worth. Young people must go out to fight for values, to fight for values.”

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes in The Christian Post: PRAY/9:38 — Send more workers to the harvest

By Dan Britton for The Christian Post

“So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask Him to send more workers into His fields.”— Matthew 9:38

Last month, through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I gathered with hundreds of sports ministry leaders from 95 countries to partner, prepare and plan. It was an amazing experience to worship with men and women from around the world and hear what God is doing in their cities and communities. God touched my heart with a fresh perspective of new ways of ministry as we seek to engage, equip and empower coaches and athletes around the world.

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National Association of Christian Financial Consultants for Townhall: Am I Investing My Money Or Gambling With It?

By Mark Minnella for Townhall | Image by Townhall

“Investing” is defined by Webster as: “To put money into business, real estate, bond, etc. for the purpose of obtaining an income or profit. Placing money into something you believe in and expect a return from.”

“Gambling” is defined this way: “To play games of chance for money. To take risk in order to gain advantage.”

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Dr. Michael Brown in The Stream: The Spirit of Jezebel, Fatherlessness and Mass Shootings

By Dr. Michael Brown for The Stream | Image by The Stream

I want to tread very carefully here since, as I write these words, families are in agony. Lives have been torn apart. People have been taken away in the prime of life. Even little children have been slaughtered in cold blood. The devastation produced by mass shootings is indescribable.

But it is for that very reason we cannot be silent. We must continue to focus on one of the common denominators in these shootings: the murderers largely come from fatherless homes.

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Dr. Alex McFarland for WND: Who’s responsible for the breakdown of America?

By Dr. Alex McFarland for WND

Over six decades, beginning in the late teens, the early 1920s and counting until around 1980, some 205 people died in public shootings in America.

In half of that time span, from the early 1980s to today, more than 1,400 people have died in public shootings. More than 30 of those shooting fatalities occurred this month, and as our nation struggles to process these latest acts of carnage, countless media voices are lending condolences and commentary. The president condemned the shootings as “acts of pure evil,” which they were. Continue reading…

The American Pastors Network for The Christian Post: Back to school gives children and parents a chance to go ‘back to God’

By Sam Rohrer for The Christian Post | Image from the Christian Post

It’s approaching fast! We’ll soon be sending our kids and grandkids back to school! But where is our emphasis? New classes? School supplies? Clothing? God’s emphasis starts with how we’re preparing our children spiritually. In Deuteronomy 6, God commanded His people to teach His ways to their children. This includes a God focus in the morning, throughout the day and in the evening. Are we approaching God’s mandate strategically and intentionally in our child’s education and life the best we can be?

Consider starting each morning with your kids in prayer, committing to Christ-like decisions and behaviors. Next, encourage this daily. Uplifting lunchbox notes or text messages may be just what’s needed to overcome anxiety or temptation. Finally, end each day thanking God for His protection and wisdom, then close with Scripture and prayer. Character is not formed in a day; it’s formed day by day to train up a godly next generation. Continue reading…


By Michael Brown for The Jerusalem Post

In a recent column for The Jerusalem Post, my good friend and frequent debating opponent Rabbi Shmuley Boteach claimed that the New Testament is inherently antisemitic. He also argued that the reason Evangelical Christians have become “the foremost allies of the Jewish people in general and the State of Israel in particular” is because they are moving away from a literal interpretation of New Testament writings. He also alleged that as a Jewish believer in Jesus, I am a “dinosaur” among Christians for wanting to see my fellow Jews embrace Jesus as Messiah. Is he correct?

There is no denying that professing Christians through the centuries have used the New Testament to justify their antisemitism, most recently in the tragic synagogue shooting in Poway, California. They have demonized and dehumanized our people, and taken deadly action against us with New Testament verses on their lips. Continue reading…

Southern Evangelical Seminary for The Christian Post: We need more dialogue about the many contributing factors of mass shootings

By Dr. Richard Land / Southern Evangelical Seminary for The Christian Post

Over the weekend, we have once again been forced to endure heartbreaking images of innocent people gunned down in America, in this case, at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, and in a nightclub district in Dayton, Ohio.

As we grieve for the innocent victims and their loved ones, we once again are witnessing politicians of all stripes sprinting to microphones and Twitter to make debating points for this or that public policy. We must come together as Americans and insist that we and our leaders, if they want to continue to be our leaders, have not a debate, but a conversation and a dialogue, and we must talk with, not merely to, each other, and seek to answer the question, “Why?” Why so many of our fellow Americans, almost all male, very frequently young — age 20 in El Paso, age 24 in Dayton and age 19 in Gilroy, California — feel so hopeless, enraged and isolated from society that they would slaughter their fellow human beings. Make no mistake, the answers are complex, not simple. Continue reading…

National Association of Christian Financial Consultants for Lifezette: True Peace Comes from God and a Relationship with His Son

By Mark A. Minnella / National Association of Christian Financial Consultants for Lifezette

Today, very few people experience a sense of peace regarding their finances — or, for that matter, regarding any part of their lives.

Many believe that moments void of anxiety and stress are “peace,” but in some cases these are nothing more than moments of numbness.

True peace stays with us. Continue reading…