Stephen E. Strang for Daily Caller: Mueller’s Probe Invigorates the GOP

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By Stephen E. Strang for The Daily Caller | Image from Daily Caller

Donald Trump’s feud with Robert Mueller has escalated measurably in recent days, thanks in part to the president’s angry tweets claiming that Mueller and company are “doing TREMENDOUS damage to our Criminal Justice System” and that the special counsel is “only looking at one side and not the other.”

However, more than 18 months and $30 million later, they’ve found no evidence of the crimes Mueller was empowered to uncover. Continue reading…

Keeping the World Safe from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

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By Alex McFarland for | Image from

Opening borders and guaranteed wages
Snowflakes’ and Socialists’ daily outrages,
Less like America, more like Beijing,
These are a few of my favorite things!

Rewriting history and calling out haters,
Putting the schools in the hands of race-baiters,
Turning our country completely left-wing
These are a few of my favorite things!

Now, those are some lyrics I can sing with enthusiasm and gusto! Join me, won’t you?
Like Dickens’ Scrooge, I have had an epiphany of sorts this Christmas.

Listen to Alex on Todd’s radio show!

America’s eagle-eyed social justice warriors have helped me to understand that beloved
Christmas carols should have lyrics like those above, rather than the subversive rhymes most of us grew up hearing and loving.  Frankly, I am glad that there are people in this country who know what is best for me more than I. All these Christmases, I have unsuspectingly been singing lies! Continue reading…

FCA’s Shane Williamson in The Christian Post: Everything Starts with a Serve

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By Shane Williamson for The Christian Post | Image from The Christian Post

Integrity. Serving. Teamwork. Excellence.

Those four words—the core values of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes—give us a foundation from which we can carry the message of Christ to coaches and athletes through the vehicle of sports. Through God’s provision, the ministry has grown beyond anything we could’ve thought or imagined over the past six decades.

While each of these core values is fundamental to what we do (and who we are as Christ-followers), all of us can “do immeasurably more” through serving. Think about it: No other action a person can take leaves as profound an impact on another as serving. It’s a basic, essential part of the daily Christian walk. Each day, we should be committed to serving others, simply putting their needs and wishes in front of our own. Continue reading…

Brigitte Gabriel for The Washington Times: No Blue Wave, But a Tsunami of Hate

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By Brigitte Gabriel for The Washington Times | Illustration on the left’s hate wave by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

In the early evening following the midterm elections, Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s wife was home alone when she suddenly became startled by a loud thumping at her door. The thumping came from a group of Antifa radicals, whose desire it was to strike terror into the hearts of Mr. Carlson’s family.

Susan Carlson ran upstairs as the mob of vigilantes that CNN prefers to refer to as “protesters,” screamed disgusting threats at the Carlson residence, spray-painted the driveway and continued to try to force entry through the front door, which they broke.

The only thing seemingly missing from this display of intimidation and hatred were burning tiki torches. While the radical left seems preoccupied with labeling everyone that disagrees with their political views as white supremacist Nazis, including Israel-loving Middle Eastern women such as myself, threatening displays like this seem awfully similar to the days of the KKK burning crosses on the lawns of blacks they wanted to leave town. Continue reading…


Pastor Gary Dull for the Altoona Mirror: True Christians Love Jewish People

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By Gary Dull of the American Pastors Network for the Altoona Mirror

My heart was broken when I heard about the massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh last month.

Upon hearing the news, I was both angered at the shooter and sorrowful for those who were injured, killed or now deep in grief.

Personally, I cannot understand how anyone can go into a place of worship and kill innocent people. But, theologically, I realize this is possible because of the wicked sin nature that dwells within. Continue reading…

Dan Celia in | China Soon to Be No. 1 Electric Car Manufacturer

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By Dan Celia for | Image from Townhall

Is China coming to rescue a carbon-filled planet? Here comes the electric car in a big way—at least in China. By 2019, China has set a goal that 10 percent of new vehicles sold in that nation will be electric vehicles. That goal will increase to 20 percent by 2025.

In preparation, the government has placed a strong mandate on manufacturers to produce electric cars. Well, we are certainly likely to see sales of electric vehicles growing in China, a nation desperately trying to wipe its air clean from incredible pollution problems that are creating environmental and working hazards. Continue reading…

Christian Post: ‘Baptism of Godlessness tearing up America’: Megachurch Pastor Carter Conlon in ‘It’s Time to Pray’

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By Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post

Megachurch Pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square Church in New York City is warning that a “baptism of godlessness” is tearing apart America.

With drug use, violence and hopelessness increasing in the nation as Jesus Christ is driven out of the public space, he told The Christian Post in a phone interview on Tuesday that prayer to God is the only thing that can save the nation.

Conlon, who pastors the interdenominational Times Square Church in New York, which sees over 10,000 people in attendance of over 100 different nationalities, is a best-selling author and preacher that has led hundreds of thousands to the Gospel message around the world.

His latest book, It’s Time To Pray: God’s Power Changes Everything, released last week, describes the many different areas that people need to pray to God for, and serves in part as an autobiography of his spiritual journey. Continue reading…

Dan Celia for CNS News: Trust in God, Fear Not, and He Will Provide

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By Dan Celia for CNS News | Image from CNS

In this turbulent and volatile market, many have enough turmoil and trepidation about them to say, “Oh, my word! You might lose a lot of money!”

Do you believe in your financial plan? Have you invited Christ into your plan? Is your plan and strategy grieving His heart, or is your plan giving Him glory and honor?

If it’s the latter, relax and trust that your money will be used in part to advance the Kingdom. If your money is invested for 10 years or more, trust history, trust your strategy, trust in your investments and trust God. There is no fear in what God designs for us.  Continue reading…

Stephen E. Strang for The Stream: Love Him or Hate Him, Trump Has Survived Years in the Media Spotlight — Both Flattering & Dim

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By Stephen E. Strang for The Stream | Image from The Stream

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Donald Trump was a media sensation. Flamboyant, witty and fabulously wealthy, he was one of the most successful real estate moguls in New York and the nation — and the media couldn’t get enough. Magazines, newspapers, radio and TV — he was everywhere. He was a multimillionaire, married with one child, and a highly sought-after public figure in 1980 when he was invited to NBC’s Manhattan studios for a sit-down interview with the network’s celebrity anchor Tom Brokaw on the Today show.

“Mr. Trump, what’s left in your life?” Brokaw asked. “You’re 33 years old, you’re worth all this money. You say you didn’t say that you want to be worth a billion dollars.” Continue reading…

Thankfulness: A Most Appropriate Christian—and American—Trait

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By Alex McFarland for | Image from Townhall

Have you ever seen someone overcome with gratitude to the point that they were simply beside themselves with thankfulness? It is a beautiful thing to see. In America, we are blessed with such abundance that real gratitude can be a rare thing. We have an embarrassment of riches; for even the most mundane items we have endless options from which to choose.

It is easy to forget that others in the world are not so blessed as we. I was reminded of this during my first trip to Africa several years ago. Three weeks in the bush country of Zambia bred within me a new sense of gratitude. It was convicting to watch the Zambian people react to common items our mission team members possessed. Basic things like a knapsack with pockets and zippers, or boots with Velcro “laces” were studied in speechless awe by the impoverished Zambians. Continue reading….