Hope, Compassion and Biblical Leadership Principles Instruct NACFC Financial Advisors

Hope, Compassion and Biblical Leadership Principles Instruct NACFC Financial Advisors

NACFC Shares Expertise from Timothy Plan’s Zachary Covert in August 19 Session of ‘Alignment 2020’ Virtual Conference

August 26, 2020

ORLANDO, Fla. — As businesses confront the challenges of social unrest, the political division of an election year and a pandemic, the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants (NACFC, www.nacfc.org) is spreading a message of hope, compassion and community leadership driven by Biblical principles — most recently through its free virtual conference, “Alignment 2020,” which promotes Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI).

The third session of NACFC’s six-part “Alignment 2020” virtual conference featured level-headed investment guidance from guest speaker Zachary Covert, Timothy Plan’s director of advisor relations. Covert instructed more than 50 financial advisors on the topic of “Aligning Biblical Communication Principles with Your Business to Grow Influence and Demonstrate Hope and Compassion.”

Covert points to relationship building as the vehicle to serve God by serving clients.

“It’s about developing those friendships that God would have us develop so we can lift each other up and be empowered to better serve God and better serve those people who need God,” Covert said.

According to Covert, one of the primary vehicles for encouraging Biblically Responsible Investing is listening to the values of the client and then communicating that you value what they value.

“Be careful not to let your beliefs dominate a conversation,” Covert explained. “Make certain that the people with whom you are speaking know that you truly value what they believe. Ask for permission to share beliefs and propose solutions. And remember your beliefs are not the priority. What do all these have in common? They’re all listening exercises. We’ve got to listen first and speak third. I say third, because we got to listen first and then listen again second and then speak third.”

In listening and valuing what the client values, Covert suggests that advisors can sow seeds aligning the client’s values with their investments.

“This is all demonstrating that you truly value what the other person believes and has to say here,” Covert said. “And this is also the best place to begin planting the seeds for Biblically Responsible Investing.”

In the third of six sessions, Zachary Covert’s message of relationship-building through listening and affirming the client’s values received positive feedback. A post-session survey revealed that 75% of respondents are likely to recommend friends join future presentations, and 86% walked away with new ideas and motivations. Covert ended his session by spreading optimism, even in these troubled times.

“Spread hope and promote the positive,” Covert said. “We’ve got enough garbage in this world. We don’t need to be adding to that, but we can be lifting people up to heights they may never have experienced before, and that is so awesome.”

“Alignment 2020” continues with timely topics over the next three months of their virtual conference with the following:

  • SESSION #4—SEPTEMBER 16: God’s Calling to Finance, Called to Service. Speaker: John Parrott
  • SESSION #5—OCTOBER 21: Leadership Requires Balance. Speaker: Brent Owens
  • SESSION #6—NOVEMBER 18: If Jesus Were My Advisor. Speaker: Randy Alcorn (pending)

For more information, visit nacfc.org/alignment-2020 or contact conference@nacfc.org.

NACFC is now offering the remaining sessions of the “Alignment 2020” virtual conference free of charge to anyone, member or guest.

Sessions are expected to run for one hour, and special sessions and sponsor presentations may be added. The name of one person from those who attend all six sessions will be drawn to receive free admission to the 2021 NACFC conference.

The mission of the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants is to teach, train and encourage financial professionals to learn, share and instruct biblical stewardship to individuals and families believing that “it profits a man nothing to gain the whole world and lose his soul” (Matthew 16:26). Members will glorify God by impacting their world for Jesus Christ through teaching and practicing biblical stewardship.

For more information on NACFC, visit nacfc.org. View the media page for NACFC here.


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