Is Hillary Clinton the Richard Nixon of Our Time?

Is Hillary Clinton the Richard Nixon of Our Time?

Evangelical leader Dr. Richard Land admits he was a Richard Nixon “loyalist” for years, campaigning for him as a junior high student in 1960 and supporting him over the next 15 or so years. But by the summer of 1974, Land’s words to his wife were, “He’s got to go!”

Land’s new column for The Christian Post is an “attempt to illustrate that I understand identifying deeply with a national political leader and developing a deep and abiding loyalty to that person. However, loyalty has its limits and it does not cover a multitude of sins.”

Hillary Clinton, he writes, is the Richard Nixon of our time.

“First, she has been on the national political stage since 1992, almost as long as Richard Nixon (first elected to the U.S. House in 1946 and resigning the presidency in 1974),” continued Land, who is also the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, “Second, like Nixon, she is certainly one of the most controversial political figures of her generation, provoking both strong negative and positive emotions. Third, also like Nixon, she seems compulsively secretive and lacking transparency (i.e. using a private email account and server while Secretary of State).

“The events of the last fortnight have once again reminded many Americans of a certain age of ‘Clinton fatigue,’” he added, “a widespread malady impacting millions of Americans exposed to a seemingly endless succession of financial and ethical scandals that seem to follow in the Clintons’ wake like the carriage and a manure trail follow a team of horses. Clinton fatigue, unfortunately, is merely the first stage of the malady, which over time degenerates into Clinton revulsion, with as many as 2 out of 3 Americans believing that the former Secretary is ‘untrustworthy’ and a ‘liar.’”

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