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Is the Church being ‘out-coordinated’ by the world on discipleship?

By James Spencer for CHRISTIAN POST

Coordination is key to the success of any concerted effort. In order to achieve a goal of any magnitude, cooperation is essential in order to bring that vision to fruition, whether it be for individuals, businesses, and even the Church. When it comes to discipleship, however, the Church has been and continues to be at risk of being “out-coordinated” by the world.

Such a claim may seem odd since discipleship is often understood as a uniquely Christian venture. Yet when considered from the perspective of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20), discipleship involves two basic movements: 1. initiating a commitment and 2. learning to observe a specified authority by participating in the way of life endorsed and empowered by that authority. Discipleship, then, may be understood to extend beyond the Church so that the world affords us opportunities (however unfortunate) to become disciples of someone or something other than Christ.

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