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Is the Marxist Onslaught a Case of History Repeating Itself?

by Phil Ginn for TOWNHALL

History records that in the 1920s and 1930s, an organization emerged in Germany known as the Hitler Youth. By the time the infamous dictator came to power, the forced enrollment in the program of an entire German generation had brought them under the power of one of the most horrendous indoctrination movements ever devised by evil intellectual capabilities. Not only did the Hitler Youth serve to fill the minds of these young people with Nazi propaganda, but because it was propagated at such an impressionable age, it also served to sever the influence of parents from raising their own children. Through the use of this camouflaged brainwashing, the Nazi thought processes invaded the family unit and removed all semblance of morality and loyalty to any concept of right and wrong, thus obliterating the family unit in Germany. By the time of the 1939 invasion of Poland, it also provided an army of young men who had their capacity to reason replaced with blind loyalty to despotism, and the ensuing blitzkrieg plunged the entire world into a holocaust of war.

Who would have ever thought this villainous scenario would become “déjà vu all over again” in the United States of America? Nevertheless, the basic premise of the Hitler Youth has raised its ugly head in our nation in our public school systems, of all places. A recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal poignantly alludes to the reality of the draconian practices of the left-leaning “blue states” like California and New York that are being utilized to remove parents from the role of raising their own children.

Many of these “re-education” type programs came into play with COVID-19 restrictions but more particularly with the overt attempt to prevent parents from being made aware of gender identity and homosexual issues with their own children. The message of the radical left is that parents cannot be trusted with the upbringing of their families. Utilizing the ruse of taking action to protect children, local boards of education have assumed free range to abuse these precious little ones mentally and physically under the guise of governmental authority.

Even the administration of President Biden, just like the Nazi machine of old, has labeled parents who attempt to stand up to the onslaught of nefarious exploitation of their children as “domestic terrorists.” Just like despots of the Hitler ilk, the government…

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