Islam Has Targeted America and Infiltrated the Church—With Cooperation

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Islam Has Targeted America and Infiltrated the Church—With Cooperation

American Pastors Network Informs Christians About Facts on Islam; Welcomes Former Imam for Three-Part ‘Stand in the Gap’ TV Program

PHILADELPHIA—The American Pastors Network (APN, is aiming to share more information about the rise of Islam in America, answering the questions that many may be fearful or too intimidated to ask.

At the core is the fact that Islam has targeted America and infiltrated the church—and the church is not only complicit but cooperating.

Several weeks ago, APN debuted its new weekly television program, “Stand in the Gap,” which considers transcending cultural issues, seemingly difficult to navigate, from a biblical worldview perspective each Sunday afternoon.

Over a series of three programs, APN President Sam Rohrer and co-host Isaac Crockett welcomed Dr. Mark Christian, a former Egyptian Imam with family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Dr. Christian was featured on the July 22 and July 29 programs, and will be part of the program again this coming Sunday, Aug. 5. Christian and the hosts discuss how Islam has infiltrated the American culture, what the implications are, and what pastors and churches must know to respond appropriately.

“An Islamic strategy is infiltrating the American church and using Christians to undermine their own existence,” Rohrer said. “There is indeed an Islamic strategy to collapse the church in America, and the advancement of the ‘interfaith movement’ is one tool to accomplish this. What is the church doing to facilitate their own downfall? The strength of America is the Christian church, which is why it’s of paramount importance for Christians to be strong in their faith, knowledgeable of the Bible and equipped to share the Gospel lovingly with others who desperately need Jesus’ hope and salvation.”

On the program, Rohrer and Christian pointed to Shoulder to Shoulder and A Common Word as examples of interfaith movements that seek to take away from the strength of the Christian faith and push Jesus Christ aside.

“Movements like these are of grave significance,” Rohrer added, “and while, yes, we must peacefully co-exist with our fellow human beings, also God’s creations, both pastors and the people in the pews must be fully cognizant of the fact that the Christian faith is in danger of being watered down to the point that it no longer has influence on our world. It cannot be overstated that the church must not be complicit in this concerted effort to undermine and make irrelevant the Christian faith and an unwavering belief and truth in Christ Jesus.”

Dr. Mark Christian is now the founder and president of the Global Faith Institute. He is a former Muslim from Cairo who served as an Imam from the age of 13. Christian left Islam at the age of 25 after researching the life of Muhammad and the teachings of the Quran and became convinced that his Muslim faith was a lie. He wandered spiritually for the next 10 years, ultimately discovering that Jesus Christ was the answer he was seeking.

View more about each of the three programs on Islam:

  • The Rise of Islam in America—Part I: “Answering the Unasked Questions”—establishing the foundation clarifying points about Islam. View the full program.
  • The Rise of Islam in America—Part II: “The Crumbling American Church”—identifying the Islamic strategy to infiltrate and silence the American church. View the full program.
  • The Rise of Islam in America—Part III: “The Complicit American Culture”—identifying the Islamic strategy to infiltrate and silence the American culture. View the promo, to air Sunday, Aug. 5.

After airing Sunday afternoons at 3 p.m., each “Stand in the Gap” TV program is also rebroadcast at 8 p.m. Tuesdays and 7:30 p.m. Thursdays.

“Stand in the Gap” TV airs weekly on WBPH-TV60, a station in the Philadelphia market that reaches a potential of 7 million viewers by cable, DirecTV, Dish Network, off-air antenna and online. Check the WBPH listings for more information on how to watch. Learn more about the program here or view a promo for the show here.

APN has also created the booklet, “What Every Christian Must Know About Islam,” an original publication that will help Christians learn why they must be aware of Islam’s threat within American borders and what Christians can do about it. The booklet discusses the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for Europe and North America, how Imams teach and promote Sharia Law, what Christian pastors should teach about Islam, the lies deceiving the American public and the church, what history teaches about violent regimes, political correctness when it comes to Islam, whether the Trump administration understands the Islamic agenda, Christians in the Middle East at the hands of Muslims, the danger of political correctness to America’s survival as a nation and much more. View details about the booklet here.

Rohrer is also the host of APN’s popular radio program, “Stand in the Gap Today,” which considers news from a biblical and constitutional perspective and is heard daily on 425 stations around the country. The show can also be heard live online from noon to 1 p.m. EST at American Pastors at the orange “Listen Live” button on the right-hand side of the webpage, or find a station here.

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