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Israel Could Be in Store for Historic Changes

American Pastors Network Explores News About Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Impending Election and More on ‘Stand in the Gap Today’ Radio Program

PHILADELPHIA—Now that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has failed to form a coalition government, a new election is on the horizon.

Fox News and others have reported that Israel’s parliament voted Wednesday to dissolve and call for a new election, which will “force Israel back into campaign mode just weeks after Netanyahu narrowly won a presidential mandate following a bruising contest with an upstart party.”

The American Pastors Network (APN) regularly follows news about Israel on its popular radio program, “Stand in the Gap Today,” heard on 425 stations around the country.

Nearly once a week, “Stand in the Gap Today” host and APN President Sam Rohrer focuses on issues surrounding Israel by welcoming expert guests on the topic, as well as addressing news coming out of the Middle East from a biblical and constitutional perspective.

Rohrer noted last week on the show that the situation is unprecedented, and major historic changes could be in store for Israel.

“Just a few weeks ago, Benjamin Netanyahu was elected for an historic fifth term, with one requirement—that he could form a ruling coalition with the parliamentary system,” Rohrer said. “Unfortunately, Netanyahu has been unable to form a new coalition. This debate in the Israeli Knesset could force Netanyahu out and spell unpredictable days ahead for Israel. This next election will not occur until Sept. 3, which seems to potentially leave Israel without any leader for months, and in a real sense, at an increasingly potentially treacherous time with Iran.”

Rohrer is currently traveling in Israel and will be meeting with faith leaders, policy makers and others.

Fox also reported that all previous Israeli parliamentary elections since the country’s founding in 1948 led to the formation of a government. Netanyahu was “visibly angry” after the decision, stating, “These are unnecessary and wasteful elections that no one needs and no one wants. … The people (already) had their say.”

Rohrer, his co-hosts and guest Jimmy DeYoung of Prophecy Today recently discussed the breaking news from Israel on “Stand in the Gap Today.” Listen to the full program, “Israel Update,” or clips from specific Q&A topics below:

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