iVoterGuide Responds to President Biden’s Turning to Faith at the 69th National Prayer Breakfast

IVG: ‘It Is Only Faith in Our Sovereign Creator God That Will Get Us Through’

February 8, 2021

  AUSTIN, Texas — Last week, President Joe Biden participated in the 69th National Prayer Breakfast, which was held virtually this year due to the pandemic. It featured messages from every living president except former President Donald Trump.

President Biden said, “For so many in our nation, this is a dark, dark time. So where do we turn? Faith.”   The President shared a message of uniting around faith to tackle issues such as the pandemic, racial injustice, evictions, and hunger. Biden stated, “For me, in the darkest moments, faith provides hope and solace, faith provides clarity and purpose as well. It shows the way forward as one nation and a common purpose to respect one another.” 

Biden, the nation’s second Catholic president, quoted Psalm 30:5, “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning(KJV).”

iVoterGuide President Debbie Wuthnow stated, “There is no group that needs wisdom and an attitude of love and forgiveness more than those we have elected to serve us at the federal and state level. President Biden said that we need to turn to ‘faith.’ Faith in what? Or whom? It is only faith in our sovereign creator God that will get us through. We must pray for all those in authority, for while we elected them to represent us, they are all under God’s authority. While they are answerable to ‘We the People,’ ultimately, they are accountable to God. It’s why iVoterGuide always says, ‘Elections DO matter!”  

iVoterGuide is a one-stop resource for candidate ratings and election information. In 2020, iVoterGuide’s expert researchers gave an in-depth analysis —and overall rating— from a Christian and conservative perspective for 7,500+ candidates in more than 3,000 races nationwide.  

Additionally, iVoterGuide offers election dates, registration deadlines, polling locations, and other information needed to help Americans vote wisely and identify candidates on the ballot who share their values. Related tools are also available to inform family, neighbors, and business associates about getting their own personalized ballots. iVoterGuide is helping to restore the principles of limited government, free enterprise, and traditional American values.   iVoterGuide created Pray for Leaders, an easy way for voters to pray by name for nine (9) officials that they personally have the authority to elect. Each workday, iVoterGuide distributes an email with a picture and information on one of the recipient’s elected officials – plus a suggested prayer.

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